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5 February 2007

Sir Laon Laan,

why do you hide behind an alias. Can't you present your allegations with your full identity? You remarks may be correct or false, they have no value. Uncover your identity as everybody, else who has honest intentions can do. I do not in all aspects agree with Sir Peter Eisele, but he is no coward and he does not hide behind an alias.

Furthermore I allow myself one remark. Do you think that with your junk mail you can change anything? The recipients of you mails deserve arguments and not the hammer of the blacksmith. I'm actually more afraid to be under the command of your level, then survive for a while under the present circumstances.

I hope the dark period will end soon. It is time to talk to each other then to talk about each other. By the way, are you a member of the Order? If not: take care of your own things and let us settle our things ourselves.

Sir Peter Plueckebaum,
Bonn Chapter


Dear Herr Pluckebaum,

Thank you for your kind note of February 5, 2007. Why do you think did Rizal use the name "Laon Laan"? Then whatever you could obtain as a supposition or speculation for your answer would be the same as mine. May I call your attention however that what you read in the blog aren't junks but the truth for they are the voice of those knights who would like to seek justice within the concept of Rizal's ideals and teachings! If an organization like KOR is infested to the core by corruptors and manipulators, how do you expect me to reveal my own true identity and only to be prosecuted blindly at the expense of justice?

Who told you that we're in the dark period? Perhaps, you could only be hallucinating or under the effect of a certain drug. If not, you must have a very fertile mind to imagine such a thing. I wonder to whose side are you really with Herr Pluckebaum? Were you asked or shall I say "ordered" by your influential superiors from the HQ to contact me on their behalf so that I should reveal my identity and at the same time to stop this "madness" as what they say?

I'm very sorry to be personal at this instance with you but I think you're better off to have stuck with an "a" in your family name. Otherwise, instead of "plucking baum" in your backyard you'll likely be "plucking bum" with those who distort the truth at the expense of justice for their self-serving goals while they maybe hanging you by your balls and wrongly accusing you of racial discrimination against any offhand remarks or criticisms that you would make against them for their unchivalrous behavior or immoral conduct in the performance of their official functions in the organization.

Don't worry about your position Herr Pluckebaum because you wouldn't be under my command neither in the near nor in the distant future for as long as you live because I would never be a member in your highly corrupt organization for as long as Quiambao and his followers remain at large! With your long and loyal service in the organization as well as your experience and your qualifications, I wonder why weren't you promoted to the post of a commander? Is it because that you aren't a Filipino? How pathetic! For your information, I would rather be knighted in your case by a king or a queen but never by any charlatan! You can take it or leave it but I am the defender of the legacy of Rizal in the name of truth and justice against oppression and tyranny!

May I humbly beg your pardon for whatever coarse language I used in this note that could have shocked you, but I didn't have any other choice in order to make you realize why I'm defending and upholding the teachings and moral values of Rizal against those whom you are trying to protect from making you believe the contrary!

Please simply call me Bayani and not Sir Laon Laan, as how you would refer to Rizal without the title "sir". Thank you for your kind attention and consideration. Warmest regards and best wishes.

Yours very sincerely in the name of Rizal,


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