Sunday, July 19, 2009


Knowing yourself, what you committed, ommitted, failed or refused to do, what you neglected during your time, despite the numerous VALID & SPECIFIC charges raised against your failed "leadership" (from as far away as Europe and North America, and even back home in the Philippines!) that continously pull the Illustrious KOR to shame and filth, please RESIGN for the sake of delicadeza!

Lazir once more furnishes one of his numerous e-mail charges below, so you have a chance to reply, line-by-line!

Those in the know are aware of the dictum, "innocent until proven guilty!" That applies to you, yes of course!

Yet, the same individuals in the know also understand that silence over time on your part, is implied admission of guilt! If not incompetence, pure and simple! Or both?

Since you are the acting Supreme Commander and accused at the same time, who refuses to step down (at least to preserve the honorrable position!...keep it free from malice for the next Supreme Commander!), you could influence the jury selection/formation and subsequent deliberations of the case at bar -- yours!

Even Dr Jose Rizal, whom you profess to be an ardent follower of, would never ever sit tight nor cling (kapit-tuko!) upon a position, high or low, where there's but the smallest taint of anomaly upon his name and honor! Such was the National Hero that many readers here dearly treasure and are familiar with.

Character-wise, and despite your avid use of Rizalian quotes and verses, you are too far to be near the National Hero's mold!, an ignominious day for the KOR indeed!

In the almost two years you sat as acting Supreme Commander, you never did and still do not possess (not even show!) the Honesty, Integrity, Honor, Principles, etc. etc., Dr Jose Rizal all had in his (well-guarded by the National Hero in his) entire lifetime!

Sir Virgilio Esguerra, please resign without delay, because your actions have been proven by Lazir beyond reasonable doubt, to be contradictory (in thoughts, in words, and in deeds!) and strange to the Rizalian teachings you speak most often of..., TOTALLY INIMICAL TO THE INTERESTS of the Illustrious KOR!

To use your own words: "Nakakahiya" po kayo Sir Esguerra! Tinimbang po namin kayo, subali't talagang kulang!

For Country, KOR and people!

(...nothing personal against Sir Esguerra... let's not pretend to be what we are not... "yun lang po!")

P.S. - Please also quantify/qualify your allegations against Lazir per Memo 006, series of 2008! For the sake of fairness, kindly make them specific, so Lazir can reply to them one-by-one!

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