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All concerned,

Thesaurus defines lying thus...

A) (Noun) Lying - the deliberate act of deviating from the truth

B) Synonyms: prevarication, fabrication

C) Related Words: falsification, misrepresentation - a willful perversion of facts


Quoted from the Letter of Sir Esguerra dated 08 Oct 2008, castigating Sir Rainer Weber, 12th Paragraph:

On Sir Rizal Victoria's mudslinging of some officers of the Supreme Council and Council of Elders. Sir Rizal Victoria has accused certain officers without basis, no single proof of evidence yet you believed in unsigned and fabricated e-mail. I think that the mudslinging of Sir Victoria is not unknown to you, yet you have not conducted any inquiry which you can do "motu propio" on your own investigation and disciplinary action.


Quoted from the Letter of Sir Esguerra dated 21 Apr 2007, lecturing Sir Jun Zerrudo, 2nd Paragraph:

A free expression of ideas is welcome in our organization because it is through this medium that the group is cultivated, harnessed and strengthened. Matters of great importance are crystallized and solutions to problems are taken collectively. Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR.


Emphasis on this one particular sentence because this is EVIDENCE Sir Esguerra and the 2007 Supreme Council (together with some in the Council of Elders, particularly Sir Quiambao?) not only tolerated, but even EXALTED Sir Alcoba to KGOR last July 2007, Paris, France, despite the latter's "vulgar and indecent words" days/weeks/months prior to said Paris International Assembly:

"Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR."

- quoting Sir Esguerra's 21 Apr 2007 lecture to Sir Jun Zerrudo


Sir Esguerra if you have a reputation or name to protect (as Supreme Commander you do have), don't lie.

If you accuse Lazir, please ENUMERATE your complaints and give him fair chance/time to respond. Same way he does allow you also some days to respond.

If Lazir could be SPECIFIC with his charges, why can't you, Sir Esguerra? You have until 31 Dec 2008 to rebut his specific accusations or reply to his questions listed here.

Lazir is sending this e-mail to prove his accusations are correct, factual and truthful. On the other hand, you accuse Lazir yet you NEVER show nor present an iota of evidence or proof to back-up your accusations! Can you then blame Lazir if he calls you INCOMPETENT, Sir Esguerra? Where is your evidence please? Do you need more time? Lazir can give you more time, but NLT (no later than) end of calendar year 2008...


After reading your letters dated 21 Apr 2007 and 08 Oct 2008 (both attached), can you answer Lazir's questions one-by-one please? They are:

1. Why was Lazir issued Memo 006, Series 2008 investigating him, even if there's no case against him? Even if said investigation is carried out by somebody, other than you, it still involves you because you are in command, aren't you? How come Lazir's UNWARRANTED investigation? What did Lazir do wrong? Elaborate and enumerate please because the illustrious KOR may not be involved in any WITCH-HUNT under whoever's watch!

2. You mentioned once that KGOR exaltations are not done only by you but together with the Supreme Council ICW (in compliance with) the By-Laws. Isn't Lazir then correct for accusing you Sir Esguerra and the Supreme Council (together with Sir Quiambao) for favoritism?, exalting Sir Alcoba to KGOR, despite his "vulgar and indecent words" weeks/months before? And exalting Sirs Paras (identified to be very close to Sir Quiambao), Guansing, Nollas, Alcoba even if UNDESERVING? What EXEMPLARY deed did these four Belgian Filipinos do to warrant their KGOR exaltation/s? Lazir asked for this nomination document or minutes of meeting deliberating on this specific exaltation/s. That was Oct or Nov 2007! That's twelve months ago, yet you never responded Sir Esguerra! Why? Aren't you PROUD of people you and the 2007 Supreme Council exalted to KGOR?

3. Among the 2007 Supreme Council members during the meeting/deliberations, who voted YES, who voted NO to, who ABSTAINED in the apparently UNDESERVING exaltations of Sirs Paras, Guansing, Nollas, Alcoba to KGOR? Were the By-Laws followed to the letter? Can Lazir see the evidence please?

4. As Supreme Commander, don't you think you should be BEYOND reproach? Isn't LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE one of your most, if not THE most important function/s? How come then you say "we do not tolerate" then a few weeks/months later exalt the "vulgar" e-mail writer to KGOR? Do you want to deny having anything to do with Sir Alcoba's exaltation last July 2007, Paris, France? Do you want to say it was not YOU in Paris? ...that it was somebody else conferring the sash & trinket? Should Lazir produce photographic evidence?

5. How valid is your claim to TRUE RIZALISM? True Rizalists do not lie. Could you please answer Lazir's above questions honestly, truthfully without reservations nor remorse? Can you look your children/grandchildren straight in the eye saying so?

6. Didn't you one time claim "NO KNOWLEDGE" of Sir Alcoba's "vulgar and indecent words in KOR"? Sir Lucien sent you those e-mails of Sir Alcoba very recently. Are you saying you still do not have them! Shall we re-send?

8. Having those racistic, "vulgar and indecent" e-mails, will you now order an investigation of Sir Alcoba? If found guilty, will you really expel him? Or will you just wait till your term ends (in 2010), without asking for Sir Alcoba's investigation, preferring to AVOID a confrontation with your Tanay neighbor Sir Paras?

Dr Jose Rizal never avoided confrontation, if he knew it would ferret out the Truth, advance Justice, and promote Democracy! He was no fake!

9. Under your "leadership watch" Lazir got Memo 006, Series of 2008 for generalized charges (in your words, "mudslinging of some officers of the Supreme Council and Council of Elders"). For fairness' sake, can you please be a bit more specific and also give Lazir a chance to respond? Are you afraid of lowly Lazir?

10. Sir Jun Zerrudo got "investigated and expelled" under your watch Sir Esguerra for doing things Dr Jose Rizal himself would have done: campaign for Reforms, write clarifying letters, submitting polite protest notes,...ultimately, after having been ignored many years by KOR "leadership" despite his VALID grievances, he helped organize the 1st truly RIZALIAN Conference that KOR could but NEVER did! Is that competent of KOR to claim authority on the national hero then organize worldwide assemblies hollow, empty of RIZALISM, yet full of Fun! Fun! Fun! Including exaltations of even the UNDESERVING?

As Supreme Commander, you practically WASTE KOR funds, paying for your worldwide trips, hotel bills! Rizalian in nature???

Not all Filipinos are corrupt! Many KOR members are not corrupt either! No one has the right to take such pride from anyone! We right-minded Knights want to salvage whatever is left of our illustrious KOR and our self-respect!

The days of corrupt practices and abuse in the country are over...!

Since Lazir above presented BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT evidence of his accusations, could you do something GOOD for the KOR and its Illustrious name and do one RIGHT thing, at least once since becoming Supreme Commander?

It's every right-thinking Knight's DUTY to bring the KOR to new heights!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

P.S. - Sorry to disappoint some readers, but Lazir won't ask about the MISSING Euro 5,000 this time!

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