Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good Day,

However Esguerra and Quiambao would wish to (they would have understood by now?), there will be individuals Undeserving KOR membership, much less promotion/s and that intellect, degree of comprehension, hard work to a lazybone CANNOT be dictated nor enhanced by any sash color, high position nor KOR rank!

True Knights of Dr Jose Rizal distinguish themselves in many different salient ways, unfortunately NOT only thru Esguerra's nor Quiambao's magnificent pen and signature:

1) thru scholarly research work (Sir Dr Karl-Heinz Wionzek, Germany, on Blumentritt!; Sir Lucien Spittael, Belgium, on Dr Jose Rizal!; Sir Pablo Trillanes III, Philippines, on his published literary works!),

2) valid argumentation (debate), with PROOF! (Paras, Guansing, Collantes or
Lazir? ...make your FREE choice!),

3) persuasive intellectual reasoning (Sir Jun Zerrudo, Canada & USA!),

4) competent leadership (Sir Nonong Repotente, Hamburg Chapter; Sir Fran Pulumbarit-Canada Region; Sir Hilario Davide, Jr.-worldwide KOR!),

to name a few!

Sorry that top Esguerra and Quiambao choices/appointments, area or region, are not named/cannot be named because either they are short in qualifications, never showed their qualifications, or really are simply poorly-qualified for the great KOR organization tasks & mundane chores!

From one's language alone, a discerning Knight of Dr Jose Rizal (or even an outsider in the Rizalian realm) could already see/read a fake individual from a true Knight, even from a distance!

Lazir's arguments/rebuttal, coupled with evidence, vis-a-vis IHQ/Esguerra are as valid as Dr Jose Rizal's written accusations against the Spanish colonizers of old! We argue to win and win we will! If neither bullets nor imprisonment could change Dr Jose Rizal's resolve, none will also do against Lazir's! No, not even gutter language of IHQ chorus boys, identified or not!

Everybody knows Esguerra claimed he doesn't tolerate bad words, yet promoted Bhoy Alcoba he did and shouldn't deny it!

RIZALISM is positive energy!

When appropriately-applied, it can ONLY bring POSITIVE CHANGE, anytime, anywhere! And it's universal!

For country and people!


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12 April 2007

Scarborough Chapter, Canada

Dear Sir Jun:

As I am doing his communication, I received an E-Mail (an editorial) with a subject: Time to Move, Time to Re-structure. It states that the editorial comes from Ramon Zerrudo, it’s you my friend, Sir Jun.

A free expression of ideas is welcome in our organization because it is through this medium that the group is cultivated, harnessed and strengthened. Matters of great importance are crystallized and solutions to problems are taken collectively. Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR. Let us help them maintain the sense of decency or delicadeza in words and deeds as true Rizalists.

At any rate, since we might have new issues and concerns in our one-on-one communication, I will not give comment to your editorial. By this time, Manila has prepared an answer for it. Hope you’ll savor our reply. Was Sir Eisle the knight who questioned my position as Acting Supreme Commander? I appreciate you logic in stating so and I don’t have to explain it to him. Good day and God bless.

Fraternally yours,

Acting Supreme Commander

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