Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sir Barry,

Lazir's hero is Dr Jose Rizal! Lazir's no fake and has no reasons to be ashamed of himself, nor hide!

Why hide when his questions are as valid as the Jewish Holocaust grievances! Pope Benedikt XVI erred accepting Bishop Richard Williamson into the Catholic church.

Following your logic of defending Mr Esguerra as a "good man", should we now defend the Pope before the World Jewish Council, you and Lazir? Please write your letter and Lazir will write his, in defense of Pope Benedikt XVI!

If you are not willing to defend Pope Benedikt XVI, then there's no reason to defend erring Mr Esguerra, for having PROCRASTINATED SO LONG for such grave a misdeed as Plagiarism and Racism! Commission or Ommission, now those cases backfired, putting name/position in question! Fact is, he shouldn't stay any minute longer upon the Supreme Commander's seat, or more DAMAGE will befall it!

Dr Jose Rizal was a good example for all!

Mr Virgilio Esguerra is not to the KOR and affiliated organizations..., not even to his own family as "good father"!

DISHONESTY is bad enough! But when a Supreme Commander commits dishonesty (caught in flagrante, red-handed!), that is UNFORGIVABLE/UNPARDONABLE!

[The German court convicted Postal CEO Klaus Zumwinkel and gave him 2 years for tax evasion charges, even after he paid some Euro 3 Million! Court told him that as top CEO, he should set a good example to society! Having been forthcoming and having paid all taxes due plus penalties, his 2 year sentence was commuted! Citizens asked on the streets mostly expressed disapproval of the sentence commutation. They said he should taste some jail term, however short, to prove equality before the law!]

All the more does Mr Esguerra deserve to be stripped of his post as Supreme Commander to cut those KOR benefits of free airfare/hotel expenses for travel!

Is the KOR a milking cow, even for abusive acts!

Are KOR Knights that stupid to allow abuse of such a magnitude, provide free airfare/hotel allowance to one caught red-handed of lying/dishonesty?

No excuses!

Exalting Alcoba was dishonest because Mr Esguerra's WORDS AND HIS DEEDS were contradictory!

Did Mr Esguerra apologize for the contradiction? Nope!

Mr Esguerra and the Supreme Council must be prepared to write a public LETTER OF APOLOGY addressed to all Knights of and Ladies for Dr Jose Rizal, (the Supreme Council) having co-approved the Paras selection to European Commander despite his racistic speech in front of Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer; the KGOR exaltation for Alcoba, despite the latter's insulting/indecent words and racistic tirades you yourself were beneficiary to!

Granting it was an oversight, WHY INVESTIGATE/EXPELL FIRST Sir Jun Zerrudo, one man who furthers Rizalism! and leave Alcoba, Paras UNTOUCHED for later?

WHY did Mr Esguerra not discipline Mr Paras and Mr Alcoba quickly WHEN HE GOT KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR WRONGDOINGs? That would have proven his COMPETENCE, ABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY!

Bad enough that a Supreme Commander breaks his written words! Worse is when he kept his SILENCE about the Paras abuse, the racism/insults Mr Alcoba fired in the internet for months, or years!


Were those Alcoba e-mails the WORDS OF Mr Alcoba himself or did some lawyer at IHQ (MR QUIAMBAO?) write them?

Is the silence deafening because disciplining Mr Alcoba might force him to DEVULGE that his racistic/insulting tirades CAME DIRECTLY FROM MANILA IHQ/HAD THE BLESSINGS OF IHQ?

You now have the same rank as Mr Alcoba, did you both do the same/similar EXEMPLARY deed, to both get KGOR? IHQ guards this Alcoba SECRET so much, as if doing so will redound to their benefit!

Lazir does not write hate mail! And he NEVER hides his name!

He doesn't work for himself. He works ...

For country and People!

Fear Yahweh, no one/nothing else!

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