Friday, July 17, 2009

KOR Leaders Quiambao & Esguerra Acting Like GMA...?

KOR IHQ's latest Memo No. 38 dated 04 June 2009 on Dr Jose Rizal's Birth Anniversary this 19 June 2009 didn't indicate the name of the "supreme commander"! The BLANK name seems to be more appropriate, if not fitting.

Lazir has no respect for liars! Esguerra wrote he doesn't tolerate abusive words, yet he himself personally exalted Alcoba, author of abusive words, to KGOR! Isn't that proof of Esguerra's lying? Although now exposed for wrongdoing, Esguerra won't issue any apologetic note!? Who does he think he is? Even the Holy Father apologizes for his or for others' mistakes!

Didn't Esguerra write he is against racism, yet he never expelled proven racists Paras (had racistic outburst somewhere in the Black Forest, Germany) and Alcoba (even insulting Sir Barry Bowman in writing)! Esguerra is a proven liar then, or?

Just like the abusive and corrupt Philippine government, KOR leadership in the persons of Rogelio Quiambao & Virgilio Esguerra must know that the patience of good, honorable and illustrious Knights are running thin!

Quiambao & Esguerra at the control might stay for a while, but surely their hold to power will come to an abrupt end!

Whether they want a SHAMEFUL/IGNOMINOUS END or a respectable one..., depends entirely upon their actions!

This early, Lazir is telling the whole wide world that no abusive and incompetent Supreme Commander, whether it is Mr 5x himself, a.k.a. as Quiambao, or 2x Esguerra, can control and stop the propagation of Rizalian ideas, principles and teachings!

The duo perhaps speak nicely of Dr Jose Rizal, but their actions in Europe and elsewhere are contrary to what the Great Malayan taught us, more violative of Sec 4, R.A. 646 on good moral character, than anything else!

Quiambao can only be corrupt for having promoted Paras even with fake reports, mountains of lies and empty, invented words! Clearly a case of "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours too!" Quiambao's son might have stayed in the Paras household for many months, but friendships and private dealings such as these have no appropriate bearing upon Rizalism, KOR ranks/titles/positions/sashes!

The KOR Manual, rules/regulations, R.A. 646 are there that Quiambao should know by heart -- better than Lazir.

Esguerra must be incompetent for having approved the undeserving Guansing, Plueckebaum, Nollas and Alcoba promotions to KGOR, for seemingly NO VALID REASONS(!) thereby bringing more SHAME upon the illustrious KOR organization! What could qualify such KGOR promotions where no valid reasons exist, in conformity with the KOR Manual, regulations and R.A. 646!?? Didn't Quiambao himself reported last minute "awards" given during the Manila International Assembly of February 2009??!

Plueckebaum got his KGOR last February! If valid, can we see the recommendation/s or copy of approved documents? Or was the Plueckebaum KGOR promotion a reward for denouncing Lazir? In a similar fashion that Paras denounced Ms Faith Bautista to the Belgian DFA?

And everyone should tolerate such abuse in the KOR?

What is foul is that Esguerra and his subordinate Samuel Samuela in 2008 blamed/faulted Moreno, instead of rightfully blaming Quiambao and Paras who have been abusing their positions within the KOR organization, bringing SHAME upon it, as early as March 2001, if not much earlier!

Lazir has been reporting about these KOR abuses in Europe since 2006 or 2007. But Quiambao and Paras have been working together as early as 05 March 2001, when Paras and his ignominous boys petitioned Quiambao to give Paras the KGOR! Well, in 1-2 months, Paras became KGOR in Florida, thanks, NO THANKS! to Quiambao!

In the absence of valid grounds to exalt Paras to KGOR (KCR? KOR?), Esguerra as Supreme Commander should have taken those exaltations back and returned them to IHQ! Failing to do so is incompetent upon Esguerra!

Worse, Esguerra, instead of acting upon Lazir's valid complaints, reacted by persecuting, disciplining and expelling Moreno in the later part of 2008/early 2009!

Nothing personal, but Lazir will not STOP until abusive, incompetent and corrupt KOR leaders in the name of whoever, they be Quiambao or Esguerra, start respecting the honorable name of the national hero, thru their own resignation/s!

For country and people!


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