Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dear Quiapo-Rotonda or is it Attorney,

Thanks very kindly for your feedback and comments. I do regret for the long delay of replying but I was kept busy during these last months from my business engagements and travels.

You must have gotten me wrong when you wrote that my writings only sound as a glorified expression of hatred against a certain individual that I mentioned in my article "Who's Who." If you are referring directly to the domestic helper concerned, how could you explain such a feeling of hatred when he is far below of my educational and professional level? He could easily fool you and everybody in the organization about his educational and professional backgrounds, but NEVER those who knew him well, including me! What do you take me for? Stupid? Moron? He'll always be remembered as a domestic no matter what fancy title he would have!

On the other hand, I did not metaphorically/indirectly describe his wife as "STUPID or DUMB". As a matter of fact, she is not only too clever but also too wise to use her charm in order to advance herself to become the mistress and wife of prominent members in the organization where she worked! I would not be surprised at all in case I would find out in the end that her first child could in reality have two fathers. What can you say about that?

I do appreciate your suggestion and recommendation to find important and beneficial things in order to help my countrymen, but how would you expect to succeed to get things done, properly and efficiently, in a deep-rooted corrupt political system, be it in any government establishments or private organizations, like the KOR?

Please don't hesitate to contact me again. More power and best regards.

Yours in Rizal,

Laon Laan

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19 June 2006

Dear Laon Laan,

I read through your blogs and I must admit that you sounded to me as an intelligent individual with possibly a very good educational background.

However, No matter how well you write your blogs, To me this writings it only sounds as a glorified expression of hatred against a certain individual.

I am impressed with the amount of homework you have done on his family. Did you just metaphorically/indirectly describe her wife as "STUPID or DUMB"!! . Libelous my friend, No wonder your hiding under the name Laon Laan!

Now let me go back to what I mentioned earlier. Maybe you're not that intelligent after all because if you were, I believe you'll find more important and more beneficial things to do for your fellow countrymen's other than call them "names". I must admit that' what your doing here is a bit entertaining and you seem to have very good ideas about how to improve or do things. Why don't you start your own organization, sports, cultural or whatever it maybe and show them by examples how thing should be done. Who can tell maybe a year from now you'll accomplish exactly what you have written and dreamt for?

Otherwise, I am sorry to tell you but you are far worst that than man you are writing here.


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