Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sir Rene,

Lazir is proud of you too Sir Rene!

Unfortunately for us, principled Knights of/Ladies for Rizal, in these trying times, KOR "leadership" is still WANTING and INCOMPETENT, making a lot of "show" that is hollow and devoid of Rizalian substance!

Did Lazir say something wrong? No!

We are not dealing with principled individuals under the present Esguerra-led KOR!

Knowing this, please make very very sure, Mr Paras in Belgium does not PLAGIARIZE your book, claiming to have written it, proudly prefaced by Mr Nollas (now IHQ's Belgium area "kumander" designate), and supported by Messrs. Alcoba (proven racist) and Guansing (IHQ's Europe "kumander" designate)! How on earth could IHQ pick so qualified "leaders"? What's the criteria?

Remember, these four have the supreme "kumander's" full trust and confidence, all KGORs (scary!), you will never win should you complain to KOR IHQ that your book has been copied or plagiarized!

Worse, what could even happen is that IHQ will initiate a memo (Memo 030, series of 2008?), investigating you for doing things INIMICAL to the Order! Does it sound HIGH-HANDED? It happened not just once! Even Sir Lucien has been reported to be under investigation! Any more surprises?

Then a report might be sent to IHQ, saying they launched your book also now, just in time for the Christmas holidays! ...just in time as well for some top honcho at IHQ to submit a recommendation to exalt these 4 to KGCRs! At the rate and quality of "leaders" KOR now has, who would wonder if IHQ would one day nominate a cat, a dog, a pig to be a "Knight"? Complete with sashes, trinkets, medals galore! If a snake won't wiggle, they might make it a "Knight" as well!

And lo and behold, 4 KGCR exaltations could rain upon Belgium! When IHQ acts, it's always ICW (in compliance with) RA 646, KOR By-Laws!, right? Or have you forgotten they have top jurists sitting in that tiny office at Intramuros...? The pinning of sashes, trinkets, KGCR medals could be done in February 2009, during the much-ballyhoed Manila assembly, organized by no less than Mr 5x! a.k.a. the BOSS himself (in Japanese, "Hudas nating rong!"; in Chinese, "Hudas nating long!")!

Just a tiny warning please from your BIG fan who read the story about your book-launching in MN!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

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