Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Deal with the OKOR Supreme Leadership

Sir Lolo Bobby,

That sounds like a very effective solution! ... or hold the funds in ESCROW, and only remit once the new IHQ recognized positive CHANGE, the only permanent thing in this our universe!

Indeed, let them eat their sashes and medals!

He who blatantly and repeatedly violates R.A. 646 (and the OKOR Manual) does not deserve any iota of respect, Supreme Commander, Council of Elders member or whatever!

Are Rizalian Knights so dumb? Do they abusive IHQ officials think we are idiots?

No Sir, we are avid followers of the Pride of the Malay Race, Dr Jose Rizal!

No, I have no quarrels with my local Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter! I am not aware of any reason why I cannot see my Chapters' honorable brother Knights straight eye-to-eye! Lazir merely propagates the Rizalian truth! Anyone who can't take that has a problem with Rizalism, not with Lazir!

Take note please, there are good and honorable men at the IHQ! Unfortunately for Quiambao and Esguerra, they don't have their looks nor their last names!

Slowly but surely, these duo will have the same fate as the giant dinosaurs!

Pag nag kampanya ka na, kay danunan ta man ikaw, base mang-gana ka sa Sorsogon, Gov. Sir Lolo Bobby! Sino pa man an mag-tarabang-tabangan kun diri kita man hamok, diri mao?



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Subject: Re: How to Deal with the OKOR Supreme Leadership

Dear Brothers Sirs Dennis and Lazir and Fellow Knights and Rizalists:

Thank you for the data about the Mafia-like structure of the OKOR supremos.

With due respect to you and your idealism, perhaps you can copy our strategy of dealing with the local chapter of the OKOR in Los Angeles and the OKOR HQ.. .What my friends and I are doing is to maintain friendly ties with the local chapter while ignoring the Manila headquarters. My supporters and I have refused to pay any membership fee to the Manila HQ..

Perhaps we should just ignore the OKOR supremos and treat them like emperors without any clothes.

Then we do our project of turning Philippine towns into modern-day versions of Rizal's Dapitan, which we will do as part of our campaign's socioeconomic platform for the Province of Sorsogon in the May 2010 elections. We should win easily if the Overseas-Filipino communities and the OFWs will support our ReVOTElution. Please visit the and check what the ReVOTElution is all about. The website is just operational this week and our webmaster is still working on it but you can read already several articles in it.

Please give me as the expected newly-elected governor of Sorsogon Province one year (12 months from July 1, 2010), and I -- with the help of our Dream Team -- will turn the place into a territory that even Jose Rizal would be proud of: Zero corruption, No Jueteng, No Illegal Drugs, No Abortion, No Prostitution from Day One. We hope to eliminate unemployment and underemployment by 2021, if not sooner. We will persuade also all the provincial employees and their kin to become Rizal's advocates and live as examples of Rizal's idealism, virtues and values. Perhaps, all the 800,000 people of Sorsogon and an expected 800,000 new settlers (workers) and their families will join us in forming what we call a "Rizalian Salvation Army." Then we can conquer the hearts and minds of majority of the Filipinos in a matter of 11 years by turning the Philippine archipelago into a big Dapitan and emulate what Rizal did during his exile in the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Doing a reVOTElution is easier said than done. But if you all help our reVOTElutionary movement, nothing is impossible. If we succeed, then we make the Mafiosos at the OKOR headquarters irrelevant. Yes, they can have theirs sashes and medals but the people will look at them as naked individuals. (After all, our people cannot eat the OKOR's sashes and medals and the OKOR has not generated even a single job for the masses.)

So, please just ignore Emperor Esguerra, et al, and help us in Sorsogon do the real Rizalism and accomplish the Rizal-inspired "Vision RP 2021." Remember, "RP" means actually "Rizal's Philippines."


Lolo Bobby Reyes y Mercado

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