Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lady N,

STUPID is a strong word!

But compared to the abuse by current "leadership" upon the good name of the national hero, it would be a mild adjective!

Wanting to be civil, Lazir never used this word though to describe the many Knights in the KOR... yet!

Neither "good" nor "fair" would be Lazir's description of any of the names IHQ Manila appointed in Europe this 2009! Perhaps "good at taking advantage!"... targeting a higher rank, title or position!

Accomplishments from those officials...? Mostly NIL!

Judging from your reading the few e-mails you've come into contact with so far, you've QUICKLY grasped the gravity of the problems besetting this so-called Knights of Rizal organization!

Blame lies SQUARELY upon Mr Quiambao and Mr Esguerra, both Fun! Fun! Fun! specialists but not Problem-Solvers, contrary to the CD "Rizal is Alive" they're giving out that features "Problem-Solving" among many!

If they are not corrupt nor incompetent as they claim, why DO NOTHING to discipline the racists, fakes and liars who have been identified?

Mr Quiambao's son lived in the Paras household in Brussels, Belgium for many months. Quiambao took Paras into the KOR! Paras mastered faking reports to IHQ, lying, and even attempted to plagiarize a book he titled, "Born to be a Hero".

A true Rizalist, Sir Hilario Davide Jr quickly ordered Paras to respond to the allegations of Plagiarism! Sir Hilario's leaving for his UN post prevented him from resolving the Paras Plagiarism issue!

Esguerra took over the helm of the KOR...did nothing, and kept Paras for about 2 yrs as European Commander! Paras might have been "replaced?" (earnestly?) but his annointed got picked, in all appearances!

The corrupt practice is still very apparent, even with new names! Why, if PROPERly-conducted according to the rules, By-Laws, can't IHQ show compelling, exemplary, immutable reasons for the KGOR promotions?


Hence, Quiambao is corrupt and Esguerra is incompetent!

One thing is sure, Lazir doesn't run away from a good fight...!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!


Hello Mr. Lazir,

Are you asking me if I've the address of Gemma Cruz??? Wow.... You just took me to memory lane. Many eons ago, I met Gemma Cruz together with her mom, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, her uncle, Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, SJ who was my spiritual director, at a get together in Makati. It was a casual meeting. Next I know, she married Tonypet Araneta and moved years later to Mexico. Now, with Mayor Lim, he's an in-law of my uncle. I first met him when I was 20 something, and met him again when my cousin got married, as I was one of the sponsors. Interestingly, Davide and Lim are kumpadres. Davide is a Cebuano, and is a friend of our family even before he was a judge. I am not a political animal, left home as a young woman, and only visited after being away for 25+ yrs. I met all these people that you mentioned, but I personally did not have any relationships with them.

Mr. Lazir, may I remind you, this world is getting smaller. I personally know one of your Grand Knight Officer (commander) in your prestigious organization. He's an Ilocano, a CPA, and as far as I know, he is very decent , hard working and successful. I met him in the mid 70s. This man was humble then, and am sure he is to this day.

Given the info that I gather from your postings, its incredible that you're painting a picture that majority of your members are either DEAF, BLIND OR MUTE, NOT TO MENTION STUPID. I'm not dismissing your allegations, but for the life of me, am struggling to understand the circumstances surrounding your allegations.

Well, Mr. Lazir, seems like you're shooting blanks, and am sure you're aware that there are many ways of skinning a cat. You should develop new methods to effectively deliver your message to the DEAF, BLIND, MUTE and STUPID.

With all sincerity, I truly admire your zeal and tenacity. I wish you the very best of everything in your endeavor to fight corruption. In my case, I'VE LEARNED MANY YEARS AGO TO CHOOSE MY BATTLES. It was fun engaging you.......Ciao n

pppsssttt ..... how's my I Q doing without my LOL....LOL....LOL....

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