Friday, July 24, 2009


You know, we can keep repeating these words, "Paras, the Belgian gardener!", whether we refer to P or to the genuine Louis Paras, as it will earn the ire and hatred of the SHAME and his boys, even IHQ.

If they question our actions, all we have to do is claim (truthfully, mind you!) that we have SOLID proof, HARD evidence, as HARD as stone/marble, to prove that "Paras WAS a former Belgian gardener!"

To whet their hatred even further, we shouldn't show this picture! That would end the MYSTERY very quickly! We can either tell them to go to the King's greenhouses, which could be CLOSED by then! But, we should just keep using/repeating these few words, "Paras, the Belgian gardener"! That's enough to really make them MAD! If King's greenhouses are closed to the public, they can sue us in court, for "malicious insult"???!

We need not put the name "Lino", just "Paras, the Belgian gardener!". We don't have to use the word, Pinoy. The Knights in the whole world have heard the name Paras enough! And, we actually refer to the genuine King's gardener, not Lino. Yet, doesn't P love to be the HIGHEST??!

This one will HUMBLE him to the ground! Gardeners have to be low, to get to the weeds! I love gardening/farming! Not Paras!


"He who exalts himself, will be humbled. He who humbles himself, will be exalted!" - The Bible


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