Friday, July 17, 2009

Where's the KOR Sense of Rizal's Moral Values?

Sir Noubikko,

All Officers/Members of the Honorable Prague Chapter, All Ladies & Knights concerned,

In the preparations for the September 2009 International KOR Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, please be guided by thoroughly reading R.A. 646, specifically Section 8, when you invite IHQ officials, particularly Quiambao and Esguerra!

Any IHQ official, incumbent or former Supreme Commander, writing, propagating lies is no rightful KOR representative!

Any person or respectable Knight, ought to know we cannot disrespect the honorable and illustrious Czech guests and citizens by presenting to them UNDESERVING KOR officials! Doing so would be tantamount to a diplomatic affront, accompanied by negative repercussions!

When a leader starts propagating lies, unfounded/malicious accusations (to save his own or the skin of his friends?), TIME for him/them to step down, cut clean! Rizalism is not for liars and those engaged in double talk!

Esguerra in his 18 June 2009 memo once more repeated the same charges against Lazir but NEVER provided any single evidence! A desperate loser!

Lazir has validated the accusations vs. Esguerra & Quiambao with verifiable proof provided (attached) and indicated below!

“Powerful?" IHQ but mere charges vs. Lazir w/o Proof? Have the duo above forgotten that Lazir "is innocent until proven guilty" -- one of the time-tested maxims in Law? Anyone in the Philippines willing to apply for Quiambao's disbarment, on the grounds that he does not know his law?

Their (Esguerra's, Samuela's) premise is that Lazir shamed the organization with his writings! Well, Lazir wrote NOTHING about KOR events before and during 1999/2000/2001/2002/2003/2004/2005! Perhaps some e-mails in 2006?

Quiambao headed the Supreme Council 1999/2000! He and Esguerra cannot explain the missing approx. Euro 5,000 donated by Mushake, confirmed thru telephone with Lazir in 2008!??? Sir Barry Bowman sent out the EXCEL spreadsheet worldwide of all Mushake donations of many years, but no mention was made of this missing approx. Euro 5,000! WHY? Pocketed by Lazir? Lazir's fault?

This duo, Quiambao and Esguerra, both violators of Sec 4, R.A. 646, not in possession of Good Moral Character, have no right to call themselves Knights of Dr Jose Rizal, and hereby lost the moral ascendancy to govern this (once) illustrious organization!

Quiambao as 1999/2000 Supreme Commander violated Sec 7, R.A. 646, to wit:

Any donation or contribution which from time to time may be made to the corporation..., shall be expended by the Supreme Council solely to promote the purposes for which the corporation is organized.

Former Supreme Commander Esguerra and former Council of Elders member Quiambao could be hailed to court or jail for violation of Sec 8, R.A. 646, to wit:

From and after the passage of this Act, it shall be unlawful for any person to falsely and fraudulently call himself as, or represent himself to be, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal; and any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall be punished by imprisonment of not to exceed six months or a fine not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.

Esguerra's lies automatically eroded the Good Moral Character he once had! Lacking this basic requirement on Good Moral Character, he automatically SEPARATED/OUTED himself as a KOR member, even erasing his KGCR rank, title and sash! If Esguerra, by his own doing, is no longer a KOR member, how can he be a Supreme Commander??!

Esguerra knows about the approx. Euro 5,000 given to the KOR. He even wrote a memo addressed to Mushake, impugning that Lazir accuses several IHQ officials (Truth? Lazir targeted his questions at Esguerra as 2008 leader and at Quiambao as 1999/2000 leader!). Yet, Esguerra never issued any Memo asking Quiambao, the 1999/2000 Supreme Commander, "What happened to the funds?" Then he gets mad that Lazir calls him INCOMPETENT, although fitting to Esguerra, since knowing about such funds, where it went, etc. form part and parcel of his job!

Negligence, incompetence, if not ommission..., Esguerra could also be added on the "charge sheet" as accessory to Quiambao and violator of Sec 7, R.A. 646 since he knew of the funds' existence, but never even bothered to have it investigated by Samuel Samuela!, to the DETRIMENT of the entire OKOR organization! Esguerra is not fit to be Supreme Commander of any Rizalist organization for displaying PARTIALITY (favoring Quiambao, Paras, Alcoba and those UNDESERVING he exalted!) not befitting a Knight of Dr Jose Rizal, but showing untoward and heavy-handed treatment of the Sir Jun Zerrudo and Moreno cases. Uncalled for, foul, Mahmoud!

Being a proven liar and now NON-MEMBER of the KOR, Esguerra violates Sec 8, R.A. 646 if he comes to Prague acting or MIS-representing the KOR as "Supreme Commander"!

Quiambao remains silent although as 1999/2000 Supreme Commander, he had the duty then and (more so) now, to explain where these approx. Euro 5,000 went! Failure to do this is violation of Sec 7, R.A. 646! Now he is also a FORMER member of the KOR for losing his KOR membership when he lost his Good Moral Character! Bye!

Quiambao already brought SHAME upon the KOR as early as 1999/2000 and April 2001, simply by promoting UNDESERVING Paras to KGOR! But why must Esguerra, if he is righteous, impartial, single out Lazir, when his (Esguerra's) friend, benefactor and predecessor Quiambao, his appointee Paras and those he promoted, though undeserving, are not prosecuted by Samuel Samuela for the same charge of "bringing shame upon the organization", as early as 1999/2000? Myopic Samuela and Esguerra?

One KOR Manual applicable for Lazir, another KOR Manual for Quiambao/Esguerra, their friends and backers?

Esguerra owes all Honorable Knights a BIG explanation! Even as he says goodbye as KOR's incompetent, lying and inutile Supreme Commander, as proven by Lazir!

In addition, Quiambao and Esguerra alone are to blame for their foul acts that disturbed the PEACE and UNITY of the organization, long before Lazir became active picking the cudgels for Knights who tremble, are afraid to do their knightly duty FIGHTING FOR RIZALISM!

A Supreme Commander must act and behave like a true Rizalist, beyond reproach (Esguerra failed this litmus test!), BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT! Lying, writing lies, hurling unfounded & malicious accusations singling out one, but not his TAINTED friends, is totally un-Rizalian, totally un-acceptable!

If Esguerra knows how to cut clean (cleaner than Marcos?, cleaner than GMA?), he should now turn-over his job to the incumbent KOR Deputy Supreme Commander, so the latter can start running the OKOR properly, orderly, correctly as called for per the KOR Constitution & By-Laws, the Manual, and R.A. 646! Staying longer, Esguerra becomes a ballast and a continuous loser, a burden to the organization!

Should Esguerra refuse to leave his current post without delay, TIME for all proud, honorable KOR Knights and Chapters worldwide to disown him!

Lazir already did!

Long before 20 June 2009, Lazir already refused to accept/honor Esguerra's signature even on Lazir's exaltation to the next higher rank, reportedly signed in 2008(?) by Esguerra! Lazir and many others knew he (Lazir) deserved his exaltation, but Lazir is convinced that Esguerra does NOT DESERVE to exalt Lazir!

Lazir also refuses to recognize any act or any signature of Esguerra, ab initio (effective from the date April 2007?, or earlier?, when Esguerra effectively LOST his KOR membership..., thru his own act, by default)!

Lazir recommends to Esguerra & Quiambao to buy the song of Coritha, "Oras Na!"

Lastly, now Paras can recite to this duo their "Huling Paalam" (not the one Andres Bonifacio translated into Pilipino, please...!)

For country and people!


P.S. - For those who do not know, Lazir can prove that there is a man, his name is Paras, the royal gardener of Belgium! No, Lazir is serious, not inventing stories!

Is it true Sir Noubikko, that a Belgian gardener will speak before the September 2009 Prague International Assembly? Will his speaking bring HONOR to the KOR organization? Shouldn't we look for a more qualified Resource Person, one with genuine credentials? Just asking please...

Gardening is an honorable job, more honorable than plagiarizing Jose Baron Fernandez' book on The Great Malayan, or claiming to have translated Andres Bonifacio's "Mi Ultimo Adios" to Pilipino, or "coordinating" a non-existent P2.0 Million donation to the needy in the Philippines!

Shameful, Mahmoud!

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