Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Rainer J. Weber, KCR Schönau,
Chapter Commander Germany
Chapter Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg

30 September 2009

Dear Sir Zane,

I normally do not circulate my letters round the globe, but as you are doing just this and as your mail concerning Rizal Victoria/Lazir, (who was a very active and committed member of our Chapter and a better and more committed Rizalist than many of those who hold high positions and ranks in our Order and who criticize him), indirectly concerns me, too, I have to reply to you in the same way.

You are writing that the IHQ “distributed a copy of all documents” concerning the expulsion of Sir Rizal Victoria from our Order.

Sir Zane, this is absolutely wrong!

Our Chapter´s “Appeal” to revise the sentence of the Supreme Council against Rizal Victoria has not been published by the IHQ.

I wonder why this is so.

Obviously only incriminating evidence is published, but no exonerating evidence in favour of Rizal Victoria. And the Supreme Council´s reply to our appeal did not deal with our (good) arguments at all, but only gave a formal justification.

But this is not the first time that the IHQ is acting this way:

When I wrote two letters to our Supreme Commander and the Supreme Council last year, Sir Esguerra´s had his answer to my letters published worldwide by the IHQ, but not my letters. Thus nobody who read Sir Esguerra´s letter could know about what Sir Esguerra was actually replying to.

Again my question: Why is this so?

Do you think this alright and in José Rizal´s spirit?

It seems to me that it is the IHQ´s policy that the other Knights should only receive the IHQ´s biased view in order to prevent a critical analysis of the whole matter. This is not gentlemanly and has nothing to do with fair play nor with José Rizal.

All this makes it very hard to be “supportive to the Order”, at least to the Order in its present moral state.

Sir Zane, here in Europe there is a clique of selfish and incompetent people who are only greedy for attention and career. They are building a network of nepotism, corruption, intrigues, sycophancy and lies and are thus causing so much moral damage to the Order´s “reputation and integrity”.

But the worst of all is that this is not stopped by our Superiors. On the contrary, such a behaviour is “tolerated” and those people are rewarded with higher positions and ranks. The 4th European Assembly in Prague last week showed and proved this disastrous situation in a shocking way.

Sir Zane, if you knew all the details and backgrounds of the situation here in Europe and Manila, you could perhaps understand the criticism of some people and would probably revise your opinion about certain people.

All those disastrous things cause Lazir to write his fierce attacks against the people who are responsible for all this. More and more people are taking Lazir´s side, even if they would never write in his way themselves. I know a number of good Rizalists and even Chapter Commanders who are thinking of giving up their commitment in the KOR..

It is not so much only Lazir, but rather many others, even in high ranks in our Order, who, with their behaviour, “pull the Order down”.

But obviously criticism is not well liked in our Order, although this is completely un-Rizalian: José Rizal himself all his life criticized negative things and wanted them to be changed to the better for the good of his country and its people. But José Rizal and his ideas seem to play a decreasing role in the Philippines and even in our Order. And there are many things to be changed. The KOR has become less José Rizal, but more organization, pomp and formal things lately.

Unfortunately reforms and change are not “in” in our Order these days.

I hope I have shown you that there is not only one truth, namely the one from Manila. If you want to get more details and proof, just let me know, I can easily provide them.

For your more comprehensive information I am also attaching our “Appeal”* in the Rizal Victoria Case, so that you really have got “all documents”.

With best Rizalian wishes,

Rainer J. Weber, KCR,
Chapter Commander
(for 12 years, and a Knight of Rizal for 21 years and without
any ambition for ranks and positions)


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