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Dear Illustrious Gentlemen,

Many of you have read the falsehoods that Sir Cesar Alcoba KGOR, has written in his e.mails to various members myself included.

One of the lies he said was that I did not dine with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

At no time did I say I was at Buckingham Palace. I was at a private lunch with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her husband His Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. This was arranged for me by the London Borough of Enfield and the Mayor. He said he had info from London which was a pack of lies again.

A quirk from the Duke of Edinburgh when he saw me in full Scottish Highland Dress was, I see they have imported you down to London as well from Scotland. Knowing he is the Duke of Edinburgh which is the capitol of Scotland.

I am pleased to give you the Invitation dated Wednesday 15th. October 2003.which is attached

Yours in Rizal

Royal Invitation
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Dear Cesar Alcoba,

I have now withdrawn the title of Sir from your name as everything you are doing is neither Noble, Chivalrous or worthy of being a member of the Knights of Rizal.

You are picking on anyone who is not a Filipino therefore you have become the most Racist person I have known since the demise of many others who thought along the same frame of mind as yours .. Why you are a Racist is beyond me. You come from a country of wonderful people and you are drawing down the good name of Filipinos everywhere by your wickedness and intolerable behaviour and bad language you are resorting to use.

You did not write to me direct. I had to get your letter second hand from Sir Lucien and you don't even have the decency to write direct.

Let me tell you a few home truths with regard to your letter.

1) I have always wanted to settle in the Philippines because my wife and Children live there who are Filipinos.

2) You stated that I only joined for the honour of being a Knight and that I could not be called Sir anywhere else. Well my friend you do not know about me. THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, QUEEN ELIZABETH AND HER HUSBAND THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH INVITED ME TO DINE WITH THEM AT A PRIVATE LUNCHEON.This was for my Charity work in Cancer. Do I use the title Sir when in their Royal presence... No the title Sir is a Filipino one and can only be suitably used in the proper context.This was confirmed by the Foreign Office.

3) You have told me that if I don't obey the byelaws I should resign. Let me tell you Cesar Alcoba KCR that you are addressing a KGOR, a Lifetime Member, Medal of Merit holder who does not get told by anyone to resign especially you.

4) You mention in your pathetic letter that Filipinos are doing the work no one else wanted. If you didn't want to demearn yourself doing something you think lowly, No one forced you to go to any other country. It was entirely your own doing. It is also more money than you would have earned in the Philippines, so kindly do not take that attitude. Most Filipinos are able to support their families, educate their siblings and give their parents a better living by being abroad.

5) I would also point out that you have broken every law in the book. You have disrepected the National Hero by trying to cower behind his name as you insult everyone you can. Dr Rizal was a man who was respected by everyone and was classed as the same as Ghandi, Karl Marx, and many other inspirational men of their time. You are not in the same league. You are not a credit to yourself or your family by taking this kind of stand against everyone who is not Filipino.

6) It is not my job to reply insultingly to you but when you bring Racism so blatantly to accost brother members then I am afraid that there is no respect left anywhere for you. You have gone down the road of the lowest of the low where you cannot find anything else to write. I feel sorry for you because you have turned against the law of the Knights of Rizal.

We do not bring RACE COLOUR OR CREED OR RELIGION into our daily lives but unfortunately you have. This means that you are against the decent people who want the best and you are trying like many others before you to bring them down. All I can say to you, the more insults you throw the stronger the others will get and you will be a solitary figure not knowing which way to turn.

Filipinos are very clever and they can see right through your wickedness. They want to live in peace and harmony. It looks to me as you have made a few of the past evil leaders your idols but let me remind you that all of them have perished at the hands of their own people.

I do not wish to write any more to you as I find that to educate the unbeliever is a job for a much higher Power than I could ever hope to be The bible, Dr Rizal and others have always stated even today that the greatest gift man can have is Love each other and always be a friend to all. What has happened to you?

At this point in time, you now owe me an apology for the insulting way you have written and I will expect nothing else than a full written apology by return

Yours in Rizal
Sir Barry Bowman KGOR
Former Regional Commander for Europe
Lifetime Member
Medal of Merit
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Message of 10/04/07 17:30
From : "bhoy2amyalcab alcoba"
Subjet : RE: "number of our European brother knights who are racists" - Alex Mushake

Dear Sir Barry,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 08/04/07. I am happy to know that you are now feeling better and fit to play golf one again which I read from your previous emails. I am sure that you and your wife Lady Ana are enjoying the good weather, hospitality, good food and RESPECT from my country men. In other words and honestly speaking you are treated well as a foreigner in my country, the Philippines.

I have read your e-mail with such interest. It is true that RACISM is now considered a crime against humanity as you have said and that is why some other countries and most especially Europe have been condemned by the U.N and Human-rights Tribunals, right.

We the immigrants (specially Filipinos) here in Europe don't get the same treatment as you are now having in the Philippines. Some of us are professionals but because of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, WE ARE OBLIGED TO TAKE THE MEANEST JOBS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO US as domestics, drivers (as mentioned by Sir Lucien Spittael in his e-mail) etc. etc. Its is also true that Filipino nurses are welcomed and loved by their patients because of their sincerety in caring for them. The truth is they are well praised because nobody in your country wants to do the job anymore and in other words, WE ARE DOING THE DIRTY JOB FOR YOU.

May I now ask, why in the first place did you want to become a member of our prestigeous Order of the Knights of Rizal? I'll tell you why. 1) Because being a member of the Order you become noble and called "Sir" in which you can never obtain in your country. 2) Being a member of the Order gives you prestige and honor. 3) Being a member Order gives you access and respect in all aspects. 4) Being a member of the Order gives you knowledge on the Ideals and teachings of our hero Dr. Jose Rizal that makes you a better man. But some people who become members only wanted this for their own advantage. An advantage for their businesses and their own personal hidden agendas.

It is also true that there are a lot of honest and good man in the Order and I salute them and respect them. Our Supreme Council members and Elders, this are the honest, good man, well-educated and respected people in our country and should also be respected by everyone.

If you can not abide and obey the by-laws and the decisions of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, why stay? why don't you just resign and leave us in peace.

And finally, all that we are asking is to be respected, we respect you so give us back this respect. Give us the chance to prove ourselfs. You have done your time, let us do our time in peace. Let us reconcile and be true brothers in the spirit and memory of our great national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Is this difficult for you to do?



Sir Cesar Alcoba, KCR

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