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Sir Barry,

Didn't you just commend Sir Zane, while saying something about the "demeaning" use of surnames? Victoria is my surname, Rizal my FN. No plans of re-arranging my name in the near future!

The valid COMPLAINTS from Europe DRAGGED more than 12 months ALREADY! It reeks of BAD FAITH from side of the IHQ! For how can Sir Ver be blinded, if he wants to PROJECT able Leadership??? I have no WISH to keep living in SHAME, just because IHQ is S-T-I-L-L INVESTIGATING! Another Week of SHAME is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Not with me!

(Remember the European Knights have been called to a gathering, 16-17 Feb 08, Schriesheim, Germany, north of Heidelberg!)

To PROJECT good governance in the KOR, top leadership must be CREDIBLE, POSSESS INTEGRITY and SHOW GOOD examples!

A biker can be "Tour de France" champion for 5 consecutive years! But if he's positive from steroid use before he starts his 6th record attempt, all those 5 long years of glory are WIPED OUT! (Even Olympic CHAMPIONS must RETURN their gold medals, if proven UNDESERVED!)

It's NOT the number of years, NOT the length of STAY (QUALITY vs. quantity!), but HOW one served, until RETIREMENT (then passing away...) that determines a person's final community standing. Respect is earned, not imposed nor bought!

After a FAKE was "dumped" on top of me (because I see pictures but NOTHING in terms of Accomplishments for this Region!), I'd like to ask which is more "demeaning and rude" Sir Barry:

1. being called by the last name, which one's parents gifted their child with? or
2. standing there and a FAKE is "dumped" on you as your "commander", take it OR, LEAVE the KOR!?

"Real Filipino men are those who are ready to die for honor, not those willing to live in shame." - Tony Meloto

IT IS SHAMEFUL when the "commander" you get -

1. struts around heavy with sash & trinkets, but can't even FACE and ANSWER valid ACCUSATIONS from rank and file, fair and square! (he can choose any from the many European languages of his preference!)
2. got caught red-handed for denouncing a "Kabayan" to authorities! (Dr Jose Rizal would NEVER do that SHAMEFUL act!, regardless of reason, or motive!)
3. got "exalted" for the WRONG and demeaning reason!
4. promised to "unite" Europe but suffered the MOST RESIGNATIONS of ILLUSTRIOUS Knights in the entire KOR history in any given region!
5. adapted the "Filipino Muna" policy that was intended to promote buying, selling, use of Philippine products and services, but NOT to "EXALT" or "PROMOTE" the UNQUALIFIED to higher office!
6. knows a lot of DIRTY TRICKS (Brussels meeting he called last March 2007!), but cannot speak about Dr Jose Rizal's relevance today and tomorrow; cannot say something about some symbols on the KOR emblem (?), refuse to put an AGENDA for the Brussels meeting he called March 2007, etc. etc.!
7. is accused of PLAGIARING a book on Dr Jose Rizal, where almost UNKNOWN family details only he would FOR SURE know appeared! And his "sidekick" generously poured praises on his boss' ability to author "Born to be ..."
8. is accused of plagiarizing Andres Bonifacio's Pilipino translation of "Mi Ultimo Adios"!
9. is Filipino also, but became quite a "character" more for unRizalian than Rizalian reasons!
10. find flaky excuses, unRizalian by all appearances, to NOT attend the 6-17 February 2008 Schriesheim gathering!

need i say more...?

Imagine yourself, Sir Barry, as the only Filipino in the Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter, among a company of German Knights, with truly illustrious ACCOMPLISHMENTS and stellar personalities! Then comes one with his "Filipino Muna" ideas that he himself FAILED (apparently?) to expound upon for the benefit of his European audience/listeners!

When (CHALLENGED?) in a dilemma, a TRUE RIZALIST for a Supreme Commander must SHOW CREDIBILITY, STRENGTH OF CHARACTER OR TEST OF WILL! That is the way of Dr Jose Rizal. (Can he do an Alexander the Great or an
Emperor Nero?)

The SHAME must END! IHQ may NOT DELAY!!! After 12 months, 24 hrs is more than ENOUGH!

For Country and People!


P.S. - Only REDEMPTION for Filipinos with GOODWILL is REMOVAL of the
S-H-A-M-E !!!

From: Barry Bowman []
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 3:13 PM

Dear Sir Victoria Rizal,

Firstly I would to qualify some of my previous e.mail to you the content of which seems to be overlooked and is making out that there are issues which are already prejudged by yoy and misleading others.

The cases of Sir Lino Paras is already in the hands of the Legal Department of the KOR as instructed by Sir Hilario Davide KGCR and given to Sir Esguerra KGCR to have expidited by the legal department. There is a follow up to the legal department last Monday by Sir Ver requesting that this be given attention to and that the SC is awaiting the

The case of Loreno Guevarra is with the Council of Elders and although you have heard and read the letters of Sir Gempeshaw you are only hearing one side. I am afraid that when the facts are publicly known then and only then will everyone be aware of the seriousness of the charges laid out by the Supremo and unfortunately had to be brought for a full hearing so that justice will be carried out for the benefit of the good name of the Order. Everyone involved has agreed that the findings of the Council of Elders as laid down by the byelaws will be duly adhered to..

You have asked to hear the other sides of the stories but this would be totally unfair to the parties concerned because you are not the Council of Elders and it is their job to listen to and judge who is right and who is wrong. We must await their findings and decisions. You would not ask a Supreme County Court Judge to tell you the evidence in a case before the jury or tribunal has listened to both sides. What you are demanding is totally wrong and unjust.

As I told you before I am not taking sides as you know I am my own man and will say as I see.

With regard to you finishing of your e.mails why don't you wait till the cases have been decided on before you make any demands to rid the KOR of notable members. One a member of the Council of Elders and 5 times Supreme Commander who has been respected world wide. Sir Rogelio Quiambao.

The acting against Sir Ver Esguerra who has only taken over the helm since February 2007 in place of Sir Hilario Davide KGCR seems to be out of sorts. You accused him of hiding an alleged donation of 5000 dollars which I have given you evidence there was donations each year of 500 euros. Sir Alex Mushake does not and did not use dollars as in Germany the currency is Euros which is accepted everywhere in the world. These donations were also received before Sir Ver's time in office.

I am trying to investigate and find the answers to all the problems which are seemingly arisen from the lack of communications from the office and responses were not forthcoming.

I remember one time of complaining strongly and was told there are problems with the Servers. I was asked by Ms Loren to use her private e.mail address to send my mails but at that time I did not think anything of it.,

However now I have other ideas and I am not going to list these as I also wish to wait on the Council of Elders decisions on the cases filed before them.

I hope that you willbe kind enough to also await and give the courtesy due to the Council of Elders to judge the cases in front of them

Sir Ver telephoned me and he has advised me that he is requesting an I have also been told that the KOR Youth Leadership papers are being handed over by Sir Manny and Justify Fullthis should take place this week.

I trust this is what you and others would like to hear and hopefully when all this has been settled a full united KOR will again reign supreme.

Yours in Rizal

Sir Barry Bowman KGOR
Co Chair Affiliate Groups.

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