Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When GREED for power or for medals or for positions/titles are put higher than the Rizalian ideals and the ethical tenets, a Knight's character is compromised! Paras reportedly was a DH (domestic helper) when he was helped by his first wife to come over to Belgium. There's nothing wrong with a clean job and clean way of working for a living, whether as toilet cleaner, houseboy or errand boy!

The lust for POWER and the chance to CONTROL others, reportedly drove Paras to aim very HIGH! Using his service to Quiambao when the latter's son stayed in the Paras household for many months (Quiambao's son is now a Belgian resident, most probably a citizen, but has he "aura" in him to command some respect for a takeover of the KOR region, using his last name!), Paras allegedly CEMENTED his hold to POWER, even the KGOR that he got in April 2001 in Florida?! Notice that Quiambao is very silent on all these matters, from time-to-time batting-in under the guise of someone else, even reportedly using Alcoba's cover once! Tell-tale signs were everywhere, that European reformists were dealing with a LAWYER, not with Alcoba! Suprise, surprise!

Paras' alleged ultimate aim is to take the place and hold the title/position of Mushake! Then he could perhaps rest as the DH who became the highest KOR in the region, KGCR? Will Quiambao and Esguerra sink the KOR deeper in muck, by granting this unholy wish of THE SHAME who has no shame?

Paras' PUSH for KGORs for his boys has a purpose! In KOR elections, KGORs have special votes that specially counts!

Clear as night and day, will it expose the TRUTH that Lazir's expulsion for alleged violation of the KOR Manual has HIGHER priority than looking into the Quiambao/Esguerra/Samuela abuses of RA 646, specifically Sections 4, 7 and 8!

Alright, Plueckebaum being the regional deputy designate was reportedly attending a regional meeting in Brussels once, attended mostly by Pinoys, where the topic, as usual, was nebulous! Being a non-Pinoy, he could have been murdered w/o any hint like Caesar during the Ides of March (Caesar and his killers were all Latin speakers!)? Guansing, Paras' alter ego and replacement, proposed the voting or nomination to make Paras the Mushake replacement. London's Taguiang (he congratulated Esguerra for Lazir's investigation!) and all the other attendees voted "aye", with just Plueckebaum voting against or abstained.

The question now is: Did Plueckebaum vote that way because he wants Mushake's position/title himself, not for Paras?

Guansing had no other choice but to repay Paras for the KGOR title and designation as regional top honcho -- effortlessly! He reportedly calls meetings where Plueckebaum presides, by coming a bit late so he has an excuse that Plueckebaum can proceed with the meeting that Plueckebaum has already begun! Plueckebaum, the ambitious denouncer of Lazir, willingly obliges, because he has his own agenda?

Sir Boy Gempesaw had the chance to get re-elected as Supreme Commander! Yet, he only wanted to sit as Supremo for the immediate Rizalian Year in a TRANSITION capacity! Like Cory, Sir Boy is not that "garapal" for the top post, by hook (Plueckebaum?) or by crook (Paras?) He let the re-election to Supreme Commander pass...

Just observe that KOR would promise REFORMS and amendments to the Contitution & By-Laws, yet won't allow WOMEN to be full-pledged members!


It is the dirty legacy of Quiambao and Esguerra... pushed high by wheelers and dealers who are hungry after medals, titles, ranks, positions (to cover for their inferiority complex or lack of grey matter somewhere?)!

KOR could be ably-run by either Sir Pablo Trillana III or Sir Rhegris Romero!

Prague watch out who gets undeserving KGOR/KGCR!


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