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Thanks so much for once more forwarding this "NOTICE OF DECISION" dated 07 Jan 09 (shown below)!

It gives Lazir a chance to highlight the writer's (Samuel S. Samuela's) grave mistakes!

Recommend he be barred from law practice for reasons, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW! Lazir is no lawyer while Samuela supposedly is. But surely somewhere, there is a provision in jurisprudence that provides INVESTIGATE, PROSECUTE the evildoers, not the reporter of the wrong done!

Here's WHY Samuel Samuela can be called both Ignorant and Stupid:

1. The names "Samuela S. Samuela" and "Samuel S. Samuela" may appear identical/the same. But by Lazir adding just one letter "a" to the former, it becomes feminine! The latter stays masculine! Therefore, they are NOT the same!

IHQ must have A-L-L the completed KOR membership application forms, filed/archived. Samuela goes to the IHQ. If Samuela will just do his job correctly, he will see there's no such name "MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA"! If he CAN find a member with the name "MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA", should Lazir give him Euro 5,000? If Samuela CANNOT find such a name, that person does not exist! If that person does not exist, it is stupid of Samuela (or anyone) to insist he is referring to one and the same person!

2. Maureen Fernandez is supposedly long gone! Why is her name still being (ab)used at IHQ? To use the name of an innocent, non-participant, non-employee of IHQ, is VIOLATION of that person's privacy! If Samuela were a good lawyer, he should KNOW this! If Samuela were non-partisan, he should already investigate if not put a STOP to the (ab)use of an innocent person's name! Whoever is forwarding IHQ e-mails, (mis-)using the name "Maureen Fernandez", should STOP it, or he/she earns the description "STUPID" as well!

3. Each time Laon Laan forwards comments to IHQ, all IHQ could put forward is an attachment! If Samuela were clever, he would already complain to IHQ or stop IHQ from repeatedly using the same attachments he signed! Or can't he think that repeating an act 3-5x won't bring new arguments nor validate fallacies? Really stupid of Samuela if he allows his name bannered once more, in reply to Laon Laan!

4. Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed
"Watergate" that forced the downfall of Richard Nixon! No individual with just a little bit of intelligence would blame Woodward & Bernstein for "bringing shame" to or "inimical acts" against the Office of the President of the United States of America! Anyone who blames Woodward & Bernstein would/could be labelled stupid!

Lazir questioned/exposed/wrote about the crooked machinations of Quiambao (one ex.: he reportedly promoted Paras to KGOR April 2001, Florida for nothing Rizalian or beneficial to KOR or to country, a farce!) and Esguerra (one ex.: in his incompetence, he confirmed the wrongful Paras appointment to Regional Commander, Europe, w/o any valid reason to do so!) plus the corrupt practices of their boys in the KOR; Paras in Europe and Collantes in Canada. Instead of investigating the evildoers, Samuela persecutes the reporter/journalist and pushed for his expulsion! For a lawyer, is this not plain and simple STUPIDITY? Samuela says the KOR is an illustrious organization. Did he also forgot that good/illustrious Knights are discerning enough to see what is valid, logical, correct and what is not?

5. While lawyer Samuela concluded that Moreno "committed misconduct and/or misbehavior affecting the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal", the same Samuela seems to be convinced Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, et al (to name a few), did not, although records show that direct descendants of Dr Jose Rizal's friends, Pastor Ullmer and Ferdinand Blumentritt, RESIGNED IN DISGUST -- not because of Lazir, but because of the SHAMEFUL acts of Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, et al! Is this not sufficient proof that Samuela is not only practicing stupidity but also hypocrisy?

6. Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, Plueckebaum, Guansing, et al practically supported each other propagate un- Rizalian/unethical activities just by mere giving or receiving UNDESERVED KGOR titles/ranks! Yet, lawyer Samuela concludes these individuals' single/conspirative actions didn't NEGATIVELY affect "the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal"? (Lazir's wish is for Samuela to show documents/memoranda SIGNED by Samuela against Lazir to his family and children, so they can tell him what stupidity means!)

7. Lazir's justifiable motive for his various e-mails is to try to weed out corruption/corrupt practices in the KOR! That definitely, is Rizalian! If Samuel S. Samuela dosen't find that "justifiable" a motive, is Samuela a fake Rizalist or one simply pretending to be, or both?

8. Anent thereto, if the amended KOR by-Laws are deemed violated by Moreno, per Samuela's findings/conclusions, how come the same Samuela, finds NOTHING wrong with what Quiambao, Esguerra, (et al) did, for violating RA 646? Samuela is not even ASHAMED to banner his signature under the name of The Great Malayan, categorizing his act/s "non-partisan", yet showing PARTIALITY, by not investigating the friends of his friends! Can't lawyer Samuela see where he is leading himself into? If non-lawyer Lazir knows, the lawyer Samuela should know better!

Below are pertinent provisions of Republic Act 646 which lawyer Samuel S. Samuela cannot simply look away from, if he wants readers to believe he is an honest purveyor of (KOR) Justice and/or is KOR's Chief Investigator/Prosecutor, with integrity! By avoidance, not only will Samuela indeed look stupid, but dumb and inutile as well -- Sherlock Holmes, the Lame?

VIOLATIONs of Sec 7, RA 646, applies squarely

- upon Rogelio Quiambao, KGCR [for excluding/hiding the missing P355,000? -- approx. Euro 5,000 x today's rate of P71 -- from the KOR Books of Accounts, which was confirmed donated by Mushake to KOR sometime RY 1999/2000 when said Rogelio Quiambao was KOR Supreme Commander!];

- upon Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR [for cover-up as Supreme Commander by not ordering an investigation of funds' whereabouts, which is his job if he were competent!];

- upon Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR [for aiding the cover-up, looking away & keeping silent about these missing funds, while vigorously persecuting MUCH LESSER charges (against Sir Jun Zerrudo & Lazir!)].

SECTION 7. Any donation or contribution which from time to time may be made to the corporation by the Government or any of its subdivisions, branches, offices, agencies, or instrumentalities, or by any other person or entity shall be expended by the Supreme Council solely to promote the purposes for which the corporation is organized.

VIOLATIONs of Sec 8, RA 646, applies squarely

- upon Rogelio Quiambao, KGCR [for shamelessly NOT resigning his current position as/for falsely and fraudulently usurping a seat as member of the Council of Elders, even as he still keeps his silence about the missing P355,000 which never got into the KOR Books of Accounts...therefore not spent ICW Sec 7, RA 646!; or for falsely and fraudulently making himself organizer and/or representative, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, last February 2009 during the Manila Assembly; etc.!];

- upon Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR [for falsely and fraudulently making himself its Chief Representative carrying the title of Supreme Commander in various 2007, 2008, 2009 memoranda, as member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, since the time the missing P355,000 came to his attention as MISSING in the KOR Books of Accounts, thereby effectively covering up this transaction; then for falsely and fraudulently accepting the job of Supreme Commander after last May 2008 KOR elections; then for falsely and fraudulently acting as Supreme Commander last February 2009 during the Manila Assembly; etc.!];

- upon Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR [for likewise falsely and fraudulently calling himself as, or representing himself to be, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, when he signed the below Memo using the KOR letterhead, with date 07 January 2009 and dateline Manila, Philippines, December 14, 2008; etc. ].

SECTION 8. From and after the passage of this Act, it shall be unlawful for any person to falsely and fraudulently call himself as, or represent himself to be, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal; and any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall be punished by imprisonment of not to exceed six months or a fine not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.

9. While Samuela needs the Supreme Council to impose the sanction of terminating Moreno's membership, Lazir only has to prove Samuela's evil deed of PARTIALITY in the conduct of his investigations to show discerning readers that he, Samuel Samuela, upon acts of his own, terminated himself from the roster of the Knights of Rizal, pursuant to the provisions not only of Article IV, Section 8 (a) of the 2006 Amended by-Laws, but also per Sec 4, 7 and 8 of Ra 646, thereby stripping himself the rights and privileges of membership in the (once!) prestigious Order of the Knights of Rizal. (See above Numbers 1-9.).

Samuela should, even as disbarment proceedings initiated by someone in the Philippines are pushed through, quit the KOR now, for he so miserably failed the various Rizalian and ethical tests, making him more a champion Rizalian pretender, than a true Rizalist. His English is good, so Lazir assumes Samuela knows Lazir is correct!

Quiambao and Esguerra likewise should, before history judges them so harshly, do the honorable thing and resign from their KOR positions/functions without delay, giving way to either Sir Pablo Trillana III and/or Sir Reghis Romero to take over the reigns of this illustrious KOR, blazing the path for greater Glory and enabling the return of eloquent names Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer as well as Sir Ernest(o) Blumentritt to the KOR fold.

For a Democratic Order!
For Pride in the Order!
For the Good of the Order!

For country and people!


- one Knight who won't simply retract what he said, like his idol, Dr Jose Rizal (on Catholism/Masonry)!
- his motive is more than justifiable: to try to weed out corruption/corrupt practices in the illustrious KOR!
- the only KOR Knight who refused a well-deserved promotion from the undeserving conferror Esguerra!


7 January 2009

Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter
Order of the Knights of Rizal


Notice is hereby given of the Supreme Council Decision issued dated December 14, 2008, finding MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA to have committed misconduct and/or misbehavior affecting the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal in maliciously imputing in writing (e-mail messages) alleged vices or defects attributed to the Knights of Rizal without justifiable motive.

Anent thereto, the Supreme Council imposed the sanction of terminating the membership of MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA from the roster of the Knights of Rizal, pursuant to the provision of Article IV, Section 8 (a) of the 2006 Amended by-Laws, and thereby strips him of the rights and privileges of membership in the prestigious Order of the Knights of Rizal. (See Certified Copy of the Decision.).

Manila , Philippines , December 14, 2008.

Supreme Pursuivant

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