Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Sir Zane Thirwall,

Just like your new Knights, I myself am confused not because of what Sir Lazir writes but of the inability or refusal of the Supreme Council to answer questions being asked by many confused Knights.

What you ask of Sir Lazir indeed has a noble objective.

I applaud you when you say that you will support Sir Lazir in his quest for answers to the questions that many other Knights had requested. Then support him by openly asking the Supreme Council the same questions. Let them know that you are as confused as your new Knights of the inability of our leaders to clear these issues confronting them. Let the Supreme Council know what damage their silence is doing.

Mr. Lazir, among many other noble and distinguished knights whom some had already resigned because of disgust, had repeatedly requested for clarification on the issues that they want resolved. Please remind yourself of the whole story of which you know very well.

The Supreme council alleged that all documents sent to headquarters to prove Sir Lazir's allegations had been lost. Many knights had forwarded for the second and third time the same documents long time ago. Why is there no investigation, or any indication thereof?

Why is it so difficult for the Supreme commander to answer questions like the following?
1. The alleged missing donations of Sir Mushake - was there or was there none?
2. The reasons for the promotions of some alleged undeserving KGORs to serve as examples for the new knights?
3. The result of the alleged investigation of the Supreme Council of the accusations against Paras as a plagiarist, of Alcoba as a racist, et al? This investigation as you recall was started by Sir Davide who unfortunately had to leave to assume other duties outside the Order. Why was it not continued?

I suggest that you explain to your new Knights and all that ask you the reason why Sir Lazir is sending his emails. Then perhaps they in turn can ask for clarification from the Supreme Council.

It is not Sir Lazir who is making this whole affair sordid and ridiculous, but rather the inability of the Supreme Council to clear the doubts that I assume are now in so many upright Knights.

Sir Thriwall, if there is nothing to hide, why can they not confront Sir Lazir with the answers to refute his allegations?

If they are not hiding anything, then they should tell every honorable Knight everything, as the Hawaii Chapter commander Sir Raymund Liongson of Hawaii had similarly asked.

The Supreme Council once and for all should reply to each of Sir Lazir's questions.

Only then will this sorry affair end.

Please feel free to qoute my email to your fellow Knights.

Yours in truth
Gerry Dimasukat

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Dear Brod Lazir,

The problem in the Philippines these days is a sad situation for all, we can just pray for better times since so many are suffering.

My letter does not require a reply, but understanding.

The Order went through bad and hard days when we had the IHQ division, when Sir Lina took over there was protests about his taking the post, yet I saw no understanding from many Brother Knights of how he was working to change the Order for the better. After he ammended the CBL and it was done as best as posisble and was legal, few appreciated in public due to not knowing facts and did not want to comment, but many understood it was for the best.

It is my request that you please iron out your situation with OKOR IHQ then speak. these emails are hurting this Order more than its doing good.

I have new Knights here that are thinking they joined a bad group because of the emails from you. We have a large children's contest within two months here and more than 11 schools from Gulf schools will attend, our new Knights are needed but with such emails they are confused.

Once you have sat with Sir Ver and the Supreme council, let us all hear of the outcome. Since we have a new start with Sir Ver and the current Supreme Council lets give them a chance.

In the interim period kindly address our Supreme Commander as Sir and not by the family name. In England we see this as rude and not polite, if you address me as Thirlwall I will not respond.

You are an very well educated person, put to use this and lets get back on track, you can offer a great deal to all if a bit of understanding is seen.

If you can sort of mend things with the Supreme Council, I am ready to help and support you in pleading with Manila to consider your situation. You have been expelled and its a serious action. You can offer a lot but the emails are too much, honestly they are too much....

OKOR started fresh with Sir Ver and this council, we need to help and support as well.


Sir Zane

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