Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What? Plagiarist Felino Wy Paras for a LINGKAPIL Award 2008? Susme! The SHAME of Europe to be honored by get the country's recognition???Justify Full


When you click open this attachment, you will see Philippine newspaper e-mail addresses where we can voice out our disgust/dismay that the Phil Embassy, Brussels (did they really?) (and the Phil DFA plus Phil government thru Commission on Filipinos Overseas?) would ever consider PLAGIARIST Felino Wy Paras [Paras claimed Andres Bonifacio's translation of 'Mi Ultimo Adios' (Huling Paalam) as his own work! - evidence with our Belgian KOR friends] as LINGKAPIL (Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino) awardee!

In addition, Felino Wy Paras is the same person who grabbed the honors claiming to have "donated" P2M+ worth of goods that the chapter of Sir Francois Ooms, chapter officials, their spouses and members worked hard to raise for the needy in the Philippines (evidence with our Belgian KOR friends)!

Our brave soul of a fighter and Knight, Sir Ramon Mayuga, Essen, Germany, regularly writes to RP newspapers... ! He provides his insights almost on a daily basis! Recommend highly he also write about this same criminal -- Plagiarism is CRIMINAL -- act of Felino Wy Paras, so others may know!

How could the Phil Embassy, Brussels easily fall for such a cheap trick? Where did the recommendation come from? Who wrote/signed the recommendation? Who are the listed references (King & Queen of Belgium? Funny? Not at all, because Felino Wy Paras indeed mentions the two in his list of personal References in his official Bio-Data! And lots more names in there, including names of Phil Ambassadors past!)?

[Lazir also shook the hands of Bundespraesident Richard von Weizaecker and First Lady Marianne von Weizaecker. But he would never add their names on his Bio!]

We need to make so much noise so that NO UNDESERVING person gets the accolade of a grateful Nation, just because of a FRAUDULENT recommendation from any Phil government official or Filipino or Belgian or whoever!

Are Antonio Guansing (is he really a Phil Consul??? If he is, he must be kicked-out of his honorary post immediately, without delay, because he is identified as a Paras backer through and through!), Boy Alcoba, Nollas and the alleged corrupt Filipino priest by the name of Apollo de Guzman in Belgium behind this Paras caper, AGAIN???

Lazir also respectfully asks for assitance from Phil Embassy, Paris as well as from the Phil Consulate, Bonn. To let this thing "go" without any attempt to STOP it from the source, or preventing this from going forward to DFA-Manila, then CFO, then Malacanang...will ultimately redound negatively upon us, upon Filipinos, upon our government officials. Even if Malacanang (just in case!) already approved the award, every right-thinking Filipino should protest this abusive and CORRUPT practice!

N-E-V-E-R should it happen!

For country and people!


"When good men do nothing, evil thriumphs!" - (paraphrasing the English Philosopher, Edmund Burke)

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