Saturday, September 26, 2009


This letter refers to your famous brother knight who is subject of being talked about as the real regional Commander of Canada since 2006.

Is this the same, CHITO M. COLLANTES of Toronto, Canada, who is known to be an IMPERTINENT ARROGANT? to the extent of BULLYING OTHERS? FORGING THE SIGNATURE OF HIS UNCLE? - definately and clearly showing disgusting behaviour and disrespect to others.

As far as it is known, on the basis of the informations that have been receieved in Canada, it's sad to sy that CHITO M. COLLANTES's credibility is quite low aside from being questionable. For a fact, he used to have two (2) pending cases against him: one (1) "libel suit" and another for "confederacy to defame". These were filed against him by the Board of Directors of the 'Filipino Centre Toronto' headed by Board Chairman Victoria Santiago and President Rosalinda Javier.

A certain Mr. Adolfo Tigley also said that Mr. CHITO M. COLLANTES allegedly absconded the funds of an association in Calgary, Alberta where he once served as treasurer. A catholic priest in Toronto likewise complained allegedly about unsavory behaviour the way CHITO M. COLLANTES conduct his business.

There are still other unpleasant complaints about CHITO which would downgrade his credibility in Canada in such a way that would put into question his promotion as a Knight Grand Officer of Rizal (KGOR) of aside from putting shame to the honorable organization - Order of the Knights of Rizal. Well, this is similar to the case of Sir Para, KGOR whose mentor/idol is Sir Quiambao, KGCR

In the Philippines, as the records clearly show, there are two (2) pending criminal cases: 1) Criminal Case No. 7112 - RTC 29, La Union, for ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT; 2) Criminal Case No. 14260-04 RTC, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, for ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT and still pending before NBI Manila two (2) other criminal cases: for Estafa and Large Scale Recruitment.

It's not a delight in putting someone in the bad light but the records are clear and by reason thereof there people who are very unmfortable and now regretted having been associated with CHITO.

retired canadian


Chito also recently added the title “Dr” to his name. How he got the title – he has not been able to explain (I wrote him and asked how he got his title). He replied by threatening to bring to court those who are accusing him of getting/buying his title surreptitiously. Actually he just avoided giving me a straight answer.

BTW - Was Sir Manny Bade (Scarborough Knight in Toronto), who loves to recite or sing, given the chance to recite the “Last Farewell?” He was invited by Collantes to deliver the poem in Prague. Funny but the same Manny was kick out, literally, at the last regional Assembly in Canada by Collantes himself. Manny wrote that Chito apologized for kicking him out. Ewan ko, if I was treated like that I would not even spend a ticket for Europe just to recite “on Chito’s behalf.”

What is encouraging are signs of involvement by previously-silent-knights, now questioning IHQ actions or inactions. I hope more come out now. In some ways I regret having resigned – it is probably more effective to fight corruption inside the organization. How is the project (initiated by Pleckebaum?) on Ethics going along?

Life is short, my friend. Things gotta have to happen! With a whomp!

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