Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The shortest distance from Point A to Point B is a straight line!

All concerned,

The shortest distance from Point A to Point B is a straight line!

The KOR problem is VERY SIMPLE, twisted by lawyers to make it appear Lazir is the wrongdoer (for a transgression against the KOR manual?), in order to DEFLECT from the obviously VERY WRONG, HEAVIER violation of a Philippine Law, Republic Act 646!

Lazir talks STRAIGHT, provides culprits' names, calls a spade a spade, is very TRANSPARENT!

That is Rizalian, that is the TRUTH, that is LOGICAL, CREDIBLE, SINCERE and NOBLE! In short, Lazir has backbone and integrity!

Quiambao & Esguerra ignored valid questions, promoted the fakes, used/abused the KOR and the name of the national hero, charged Lazir with hurling unfounded "malicious accusations" which when Lazir documented, became called "HATE" mails!

That is un-Rizalian, that is TWISTING facts to fit the FALLACY/EMPTINESS of their arguments, that is ILLOGICAL, NOT CREDIBLE, INSINCERE and IGNOBLE! In short, they are "boneless" and have no INTEGRITY!

One interesting memo that qualifies to be called HATE MAIL (purportedly) came from a Sir Vidal, Manila, castigating Lazir! Lazir was surprised when he opened it! Esguerra's UNDELETED Signature Block was part of the memo, at the bottom of the page!

And Lazir is accused of writing HATE MAILS???

Lazir is happy he's getting enough ENCOURAGEment from brave Knights who are not afraid to be EXPELLED for fighting for Rizalism and Dr Jose Rizal's noble Legacy..., the very PURPOSE of KOR's existence!

Obviously, Quiambao & Esguerra would rather send their fighting dogs, than even face Lazir in an open debate! Obviously again, lawyer Quiambao (the corrupt!) and the lying Supremo (Lazir documented his lying in his letter he titled, "How to be un-Rizalian when Esguerra claimed he and the Supreme Council are for 'Non-Racism', yet Esguerra exalted proven racist Alcoba to KGOR, and Esguerra confirmed proven racist Paras to Regional Commander!) have not only lost their CREDIBILITY, but have no valid arguments left to even discuss, argue, talk to, Lazir!

Should Lazir meet just the above duo, wherever, TRANSPARENCY is lost/gone, because they won't agree with Lazir taking 2 independent-minded persons of his trust and confidence, as his witnesses!

Sir Delfin Lumberio should present his arguments with a minimum of 1,500 words, so Lazir could understand his position, if he has one.

Recommend Sir Zane also answer the 4 simply-stated questions submitted by Sir Dennis!

These exchanges of the past few days PROVE BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that IHQ has nothing good in mind about KOR, Rizalism, Dr Jose Rizal! Otherwise, Quiambao, Esguerra and/or Samuela would have already spoken! (Lazir has to provide these 3 names, lest Samuela again accuse Lazir of accusing the ENTIRE Supreme Council, which he does not!)

English is simple, until lawyers started providing us with many examples that orbitate around conference tables with fuzzistic beauty and joyful idiotoxicity! ...

Go Lazir, keep FIGHTING and smite the evil, the corrupt, the liar, in the KOR!

For country and people!

-nothing to fear, for Dr Jose Rizal is his hero!

P.S. - Either IHQ will AGAIN release the "Decision/s" or point to the typhoon/s in response to this...something to deviate our attention..., far from the meat of contention!

Lazir WELCOMES criticism like dessert after a healthy meal! It strenghtens his resolve as well as VALIDATES his arguments even more!

Readers, please read "between the lines" so you could then discern what type of Knights our KOR has!

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