Thursday, August 20, 2009


Good Job Sir Dr Pablo Trillana III!
That's how it should be done, lift Rizalism up high!
You're on the right track, kind Sir!
Action speaks louder than words...!
(Lazir wonders why you were not voted KOR Supreme Commander, RY 2008-2010?)

Good work also Mr Rosero!
Lazir got it opened!
The combination of our Adobe Acrobat 8.0 and MS Publisher 2003 helped greatly.
Printable in color, as you fed the page!
Did you scan, colored?

Thanks to you both!

Any developments on the written accusations Lazir sent IHQ pls?

1. The unsolved plagiarism charges vs. Mr Paras... (IHQ losing docs is a bad sign...! Just letting this "slide away" is even WORSE a solution!)

2. The racistic e-mails of Mr Alcoba...(Sir Lucien reportedly forwarded those e-mails very recently to supreme commander...)

3. How about the forgery charges leveled against Mr Collantes, Canada? Lazir met Sir Ka Miling Silverio in person, 14 Sep 08. He is a kind man, very honorable a person, with bearing! A big contrast, compared to Mr Collantes...! Sir Ka Miling is apparently being "USED" or 'ABUSED", or both! perhaps wittingly or unwittingly!

4. Or the requested copy/ies of the recommendations to exalt Mr Guansing, Mr Nollas, Mr Alcoba? Since it was an exaltation, it should be something to be PROUD OF! Why keep this/these so SECRET?? Deserving or UNDESERVING? The request to have a copy of the back-up docs pertinent to this exaltation was sent about a year ago (Oct 2007?). Any development?

5. Or just what happened really to that estimated Euro 5,000 that Mr Mushake donated sometime 1999-2000 to KOR or IHQ, as per his telephone confirmation with Lazir, when Mr Quiambao was supposedly Supreme Commander (a London assembly showed his name as such)? Mr Esguerra said that IHQ has NO RECORDS of this donation? IHQ said they are checking with the bank, but then it became quiet AFTER saying that. ...and months are flying by! Granting that the Euro 5,000 (more or less) was spent for a Rizalian purpose, there should be some mention of this somewhere, right? In 2008 wouldn't seem appropriate...!

Just asking po!

To fly high, KOR must drop UNWANTED weights/baggage/s!

If KOR did attempt to rid itself of an honorable man, Sir Jun Zerrudo (complete with 64 pages of paper plus annexes!), while the man is actively PROPAGATING the ideas/ideals/principles of Dr Jose Rizal (IAW R.A. 646 to the letter!), in thoughts, in words, and in deeds, why can't IHQ investigate/prosecute/punish criminal acts (Plagiarism, Racism, Forgery and the like are criminal!)?

It is a Supreme Commander LET DOWN, a DISAPPOINTMENT bordering on INCOMPETENCE/IGNORANCE OF THE LAW to "hang" a Sir Jun Zerrudo and let go the likes of Mr Paras, Mr Alcoba, Mr Collantes, who committed criminal acts!

The blame doesn't go to the courageous reporter, but to IHQ top management -- the decision makers up above!

Such SHAMEFUL & SHAMELESS acts contribute to a dive in KOR integrity, credibility, respect!

By the way, R.A. 646 has NO such explicit PROHIBITION on use of any (KOR) logo, emblem, name in the PURSUIT OF RIZALISM for its own sake! Sir Jun is an illustrious Knight, for lifting the hero's name up high! His top-caliber IFKOR Conference proved how valid the National Hero's visions and words are, even in this 21st century!

However, anyone not possessing "good moral character", per Sec 4 of the same R.A. 646, CANNOT be a member nor be called a Knight! This is a PRE-CONDITION to membership in the KOR! Without "good moral character", one is quickly out!

Thru this alone, Mr Paras, Mr Alcoba, Mr Collantes and perhaps even Mr Esguerra (didn't he tolerate or approve the "exaltation" of Mr Alcoba to KGOR last July 2007, Paris, France?), Mr Quiambao (isn't he the godfather" of Mr Paras and Mr Collantes in the KOR, if not the one who pushed for their inclusion into this illustrious Order?). Now, if Mr Lopez, Mr Chavez will keep pushing for the dismissal of Sir Jun Zerrudo, they will also exit the KOR before Sir Jun, by virtue of Sec. 4, R.A. 646!

When you "sell" a bad egg, you BECOME bad too, right? Because you are CHEATING! (Contrary to "good moral character"!)


For country and people!


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