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Very Important - "No Confirmation - No Entry." - by Sir Lino Wy Paras, whose Motto is: "Action Speaks Louder than words"

How ACTION could indeed SPEAK much LOUDER than Words!


Code of Ethics of the Knights of Rizal

A Rizalist:
Ø Loves his country and people
Ø Promotes international understanding among peoples and nation
Ø Venerates the memory of the nation's heroes by making their ideals his own
Ø Values honor as he values his life
Ø Strives to do justice to all his fellow men
Ø Finds meaning and purpose in life
Ø Upholds freedom at all costs
Ø Maintains a tolerant and understanding attitude towards his fellow men
Ø Believes in the value of education essential to the formation of the character of man
Ø Promotes social justice and general welfare
Ø Is industrious, self-reliant, persevering and conscious of the plight of the less-fortunate
Ø Is thruthful and honest in thoughts, words and in deeds.

Courtesy of Sir Lino Paras, KGOR
Regional Commander Europe


With due respect to TRUE Rizalists, here's my observations on Sir Lino Paras, KGOR, and his "code of ethics":

1. Sir Lino Paras loves himself more! PLAGIARIZING Jose Baron Fernandez's book (to get KGOR?) is CRIMINAL! ...such a Criminal ACT is definitely NOT love of country and people!

2. Per Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer, Sir Lino Paras uttered RACISTIC remarks during an assembly in the German Black Forest! Racistic remarks against anyone DOES NOT PROMOTE international understanding! On the contrary...!

3. Dr Jose Rizal was NEVER Racistic nor self-serving! By plagiarizing Andres Bonifacio's "Huling Paalam", Sir Lino certainly DID NOT venerate the memory of the hero, founder of the Katipunan!

4. Lying is NOT honorable! By claiming to have donated P2M worth of donation to the needy in the Philippines, which came from the hard work of Sir Francois Ooms, his Chapter officers/members, their spouses and families, Sir Lino Paras valued himself far below his own Honor and his Life!

5. How can Sir Lino Paras strive to do Justice to his fellowmen, when as a passenger in Sir Lucien's car on a Leitmeritz Trip, Sir Lino Paras claimed this to have been his work and his labor? Sir Lucien organized and coordinated everything. To accompany Sir Lucien as a passenger is not organizing nor coordinating work!

6. To lie, manipulate facts/details, claim the work of others to be one's own, etc. etc. is NOT finding meaning and purpose in life, in the right sense! The more appropriate term applicable to Sir Lino Paras' "finding" would be, "Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang...!"

7. How can Sir Lino Paras "Uphold Freedom at all costs" when his Invitation to his 26 April 2008 Consultative Meeting says: "No Confirmation - No Entry." Sir Lino Paras wants to enjoy his FREEDOM to LIMIT OTHERS' FREEDOM! What he wants is to LIMIT who attends his meeting/s!

8. When Sir Lino Paras claims he "maintains a tolerant and understanding attitude towards his fellow men", he might be referring to his work to get KGOR rank to his UNDESERVING boys! Never mind if Sir Lino Paras CUT the March 2007 Brussels meeting SHORT as he claimed to have an important appointment! Never mind if other attendees came from as FAR as Ireland!

9. Sir Lino Paras "believes in the value of education essential to the formation of the character of man". This is "lip service" as he seemed to have NOT completed his Education. Example: If he indeed completed a 3-year Belgian University education, how come he abhorrs putting an AGENDA to his meetings? Which western education teaches MANIPULATION of FACTS to one's advantage? Or, how come he claims to have authored "Born to be a Hero", yet he CANNOT WRITE coherently, nor PRESIDE a meeting he calls?

10. Sir Lino Paras promotes a myopic social justice and general welfare style. He seems to believe that being the "highest" Filipino Knight in Europe (at all costs!) promotes social justice and general welfare!

11. Sir Lino Paras is "industrious, self-reliant, persevering and conscious" of his OWN plight! In his view, he seems to see only HIMSELF as the "less-fortunate!" (Why have a photo-op holding a box for a container, then leave, WITHOUT really HELPING fill the container? Why grab CREDIT for something OTHERS worked hard to do?)

12. A true Rizalist is thruthful and honest in thoughts, words and in deeds, while AWAKE!, not while ASLEEP. These words may ring TRUE about Sir Lino Paras sleeps!

Sir Lino Paras indeed ACTS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Sir Lino Paras, BACKed-UP by Sir Rogelio Quiambao, 5x Supreme Commander, and Sir Virgilio Esguerra, the weak acting Supreme Commander..., all three are BAD

For Country and People!


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