Thursday, August 6, 2009


Newspaper columnist, Mr William Esposo (As I wreck this Chair!) inspired Lazir to further illustrate KOR examples on Incompetence!

In one of his columns, Mr Esposo aptly listed the three signs that mark the incompetent manager!

Here they are numbered one to three (illustrated cases were written by Lazir):

1. The first is inaction in the face of crisis, minor or major.

The Paras plagiarism case:

A signed complaint, duly notarized by a lawyer, was filed by Sir Klaus Hartung against Mr Felino Paras, who was identified attempting to claim the work, "Jose Rizal, Filipino, Doctor and Patriot", by Jose Baron Fernandez, as his (Paras), giving "Born to be a Hero" as title. The voluminous documents were sent to IHQ, per Sir Hilario's directive. When Sir Hilario had to go to his new post at the UN, Mr Virgilio Esguerra took/accepted the KOR helm as deputy supreme commander. Follow-up mails/letters were sent to IHQ Manila, asking IHQ to re-consider or correct the wrong done about the plagiarization attempt and the shameful as well as unqualified Paras appointment! Years and months passed. Mr Esguerra did nothing to even at least investigate Mr Paras! Mr Paras sat as European commander for 2 years.

In 2008, IHQ Manila appointed a replacement for Mr Paras. He was not at all investigated! Simply stated, Mr Esguerra seemed to not know what to do!

2. The second is employing the wrong action, the result of poor judgment in deciding how to resolve a problem.

The Alcoba promotion to KGOR case:

Mr Cesar Alcoba wrote racistic e-mails that also contained indecent words. Contrary to Mr Esguerra's claim of intolerance, instead of investigating Mr Alcoba, Mr Esguerra himself personally exalted/promoted Mr Alcoba from KCR to KGOR in July 2007, Paris, France, the 2nd highest rank in the KOR!, less than 3 months after Mr Esguerra stated that the KOR does not tolerate racism and indecent words!

3. And the third is the tendency to overreact, much like wanting to kill a fly with a bomb.

The Zerrudo expulsion case:

Instead of investigating Mr Paras for plagiarism, and/or Mr Alcoba for racism, Mr Esguerra as supreme commander allowed the investigation, prosecution and subsequent expulsion of a truly illustrious, hard-working, honorable Knight, Sir Jun Zerrudo, Sarborough, Canada, for the wrong charges, although the latter, if one simply would dig deeper on his (Sir Jun Z) acts, letters, correspondences, was simply following the full intent, letter and spirit of R.A. 646: To further the ideas, ideals and teachings of Dr Jose Rizal!

Mr Esguerra was in Toronto, Canada last Aug-Sep 2008, where he attended the Fun! Fun! Fun! hollow type of Rizalism. If he is a true Rizalist as he claims to be, why didn't he meet with any one of the Scarborough Knights, foremost of them, Sir Jun Zerrudo? [During his lifetime, Dr Jose Rizal never faltered nor waivered to face adversity, problems, challenges!] KOR sent Mr Esguerra to Toronto, Canada! to fulfill his mandate on Rizalism, the very purpose set out by R.A. 646, that seeks to further the cause of the national hero! Attending a hollow Fun! party is not the Rizalian thing to do, moreso if your hotel/airfare is paid for by KOR members!

For doing not much Rizalian in Toronto, Canada, Mr Esguerra's airfare and hotel bills were shouldered by the KOR!, while Sir Jun Zerrudo, who did what R.A. 646 embodied, was expelled from the KOR!

Granting now that Mr Esguerra claims he knows nothing of this investigation, prosecution and expulsion of Sir Jun Zerrudo. If he does claim innocence, the more he is INCOMPETENT! As current KOR supremo, he should know what the Supreme Council, which he supposedly heads, has on its plate at all times!

Mr Esposo wrote further: "A good manager is defined by the ability to manage problems in a way that will result in the best positive results and the least possible damage."

Since Mr Esguerra let months and years pass doing nothing on the above problems, he did qualify for all the three signs of an incompetent manager in the definition of Mr Esposo!

And since Mr Esguerra (brought and) continues to bring damage to the illustrious KOR simply by sitting there, doing nothing to investigate the corrupt, Lazir might as well conclude that Mr Esguerra is himself corrupt!

"Real Filipino men are those who are ready to die for honor, not those willing to live in shame." - Antonio Meloto

"One thing I'd like people hopefully to realize: the word Filipino pertains not just to family but to the entire nation of people called Filipinos. Once in a while you take risks for this nation." - Rodolfo Lozada, Jr.

Fight Corruption...!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

P.S. - Silence means yes!

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