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Dear Sir Alcoba,

Sorry for the late response, but I am just back from a 10-day field exercise, spend a quiet week-end with my wife, and had to prepare my LL-, FI- and AA Reports.

Yes, I still write SIR because my rearing tells me to try always to be polite (although I do not always succeed) and as both of us are Knights of Rizal we use the word Sir. You, as well as I, know that a lot of persons became KoR just because of having a calling card with “Sir” before their name. On the doorbell of Sir Lino is even mentioned SIR Lino Wy Paras! He is the only ‘Sir’ in the apartment building and probably the only individual in Belgium who has it on his doorbell!

Will you please stop calling me a racist?

Do you know that during the few years I stayed in Belgium I founded an organization that collected money for disabled Filipino children? That my sister and I sponsored Filipino students? Just ask H. E Ambassador Zaide and Consul-General Sir Peter. They attended one of the Filipino weeks I organized in Eeklo, which resulted in a benefit of 200.000 BEF in the early nineties.

You selectively answered some of my questions, but only because you want to try and show me in a bad light.

Here are my replies to your questions:

1. “Why the sudden interest in knowing the resumes and reasons for the elevation to KGOR of Sir Bhoy Alcoba, Sir Rudy Nollas and Sir Tony Guansing, ? Why, is it because they are Filipino's ?”


a. KGOR’s are conferred to this rank (see the manual!)

b. The reason I ask is because other Knights have also asked this question, but received no reply, and we would like to know, so that their exemplary deeds might be emulated by others. The three names, because they were the last Knights who were so conferred in Paris and Brussels. By coincidence I am sure they are all Filipinos from the Brussels Chapter! Are there really secrets about this? YES, if NO ANSWER is given to this question. As I already wrote, you should be flattered that your fellow Knights would wish to know what you, Sir Rudy Nollas and Sir Tony Guansing have accomplished. This could be a good impulse for other Knights to follow your exemplary deeds and may be also have the honour to become a KGOR.

c. Are you aware that there are now 8 KGOR’s in Belgium? This is more than the rest of the other European countries together. Any idea why this might be so?

2. “A Few (sic) European Knights had (sic) also been elevated conferred to the rank of KGOR including yourself, and who recommended you, if I may asked? (sic) You never ask (sic) any questions about their elevation (exaltation)? (sic) question mark?) Is it because they are of the same race like (sic) you ?


Actually, I was recommended by Sir Lino. Any problem with this? If you do want to know why I was recommended, ask IHQ. This should be on file. Are you again trying to set Brother against Brother with this last question? It is not your first time to do so. Did you forget that Sir Lino was the first to raise this Racism question at the meeting in Neuenweg in Germany some years ago? Are you again attempting to call me a racist? I hardly think you really want to do that, or have you just been dictated to in the use of that word?

Did you forget that during the second European Assembly in Brussels, your group of drivers (all Filipinos) asked to be paid for their work? (Some Km) All others Knights (Filipinos and Belgians) did not even think of being reimbursed for their small expenses. We paid each of your drivers the 1.000 BEF they asked for. At that moment we were not called Racists!

We Belgian drivers brought Sir Quimbao and his group to Heidelberg/Wilhelmsfeld (about 1000 Km.). Nobody even asked to be reimbursed. Do you still remember that a certain Filipino Knight did not want to pay for the lunch and dinner because he claimed he did not attend? The video film and pictures proved the opposite! He and his wife were sitting at the table! Racism? Come on, Sir Alcoba, please be serious!

3. As a Former Chapter Commander of El Fili Chapter, you have been very biased in giving warning letters to Filipino members of the Chapter and never gave the same warning letters to the other European members of the Chapter, why ? If you are a true knight as some people say you are, why are you so defiant (sic) from the orders of the SC? When you were conferred to KGOR, we acknowledge and congratulated you, why can't you do the same as a TRUE bro. knight?


When I became Chapter Commander I sent three letters to all the ‘sleeping, not paying, Members’ The following Belgian Knights, whom I had never seen at our meetings or activities, received the three consecutive letters. I asked IHQ that these members should be dismissed from the Order. This should be on file in Manila. As one of the early members of the El Filibusterismo Chapter, those names should ring a bell. Do you really understand the consequences of your question? The Belgian Knights who also received this letter were:

Daeleman, Christian; Dendeux, Michel; Hiers, Ernest; Kukenheim, Robert; Lafaut, Peter; Vanden, Borre; Verrees, Roger; Stroomer, Marc; De Keyser, Frans; Bostoen, Pascal; Coosemans, Claude; Rammelo, Roland.

Are those Filipino names?

With this act I was given the nickname “Dictator!” Just because I did my duty!

What do you think about the letters sent by my predecessor, Chapter Commander, Sir Jaime V. Ledda; dated Brussels, 17 October 2000? He asked his Deputy to send those letters because of his position as Consul at the embassy.

Letter reads as follows:

Dear Sir:

Your long absence in the activities and/or non-payment of dues of the Order of the Knights of Rizal - El Filibusterismo Chapter have prompted me to expressly inquire whether or not you are still interested in your membership.

If you wish to renew your bonds with the Order of the Knights of Rizal - El Filibusterismo Chapter, you are kindly requested to attend the General Assembly meeting on 27 October 2000 at the Philippine Embassy, Avenue Moliere 297, 1050 Brussels and/or to update your membership dues.

If you wish to sever your relationship with the Order, I would appreciate receiving your written reply to this letter expressing such intention not later than 27 October 2000. Otherwise, the Order will be constrained to automatically drop you from the rolls of membership.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,

For the Chapter Commander:


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