Sunday, August 9, 2009


Speak up, speak out and strike a blow against CORRUPTION...! for FREEDOM and DECENCY and JUSTICE!

Sir Joe,

Great work indeed! Lazir salutes you with pride!

Once more, you've exceeded everyone's expectations with your meticulous work, featuring no other than the greatness and international application/s of Dr Jose Rizal's visions, heroism and unique applicability to any culture!

Lazir just wonders aloud why you, Sir Joe, are only a KCR? Must you shell MONEY out to get you the KGOR? Hmmmm...

How come a proven racist gets the velvet glove treatment PLUS the KGOR rank?, so does one who attempted to steal the work of Andres Bonifacio?, or those that KOR IHQ exalted to "KGOR" with just some secretive FEW knowing of their "abilities, skills, knowledge"???

Must one become a KGOR, in compliance with RA 646 and HIDE about his illustrious "accomplishments"? Why can't IHQ publish these "great" Filipino-Belgians, if they indeed DESERVE KGOR rank? Why not PROUDLY display, if PROPER, GOOD, CORRECT???

Must Lazir be asking his penetrating QUESTIONS inside a remote cave somewhere in Palawan? No way Jose!

It's Christmas, Jesus' birth is upon mankind! He who exalts the humble and humbles the evil-doers!

For once in our lives, let's NOT PRETEND, let's talk STRAIGHT and KICK those BAD TRAITS that only BRING SHAME to the Philippines and the Filipino!

The Caballeros in 1911 must have envisioned something loftier, not one to make Filipinos bow their heads in SHAME!, pronouncing their affinity, reverence for 'THE MAN' Dr Jose Rizal, Pride of the Malay race!

CORRUPTION AND CORRUPT PRACTICES have no place in a suffering poor country, the Philippines! (Perception of the country being the MOST CORRUPT comes from observations others made of Newsmakers, those mostly at the the TOP! That must include KOR's IHQ...its so-called "leadership!")

Kick this bad habit and be like 'THE MAN!' - Dr Jose Rizal, in THOUGHTS, in WORDS and in DEEDS!

Speak up, speak out and strike a blow against CORRUPTION...! for FREEDOM and DECENCY and JUSTICE!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

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